Colour On The Wall

High Waisted Shorts- Newcomdigi
Holographic Shoes- “Zoe” by Miista (Solestruck)
Spiked Choker- ShopLockhart
Sunglasses- Zero UV
You know me and my mixing print experimentations already…so this is another one I did with polka dot and geometric square shapes. I will agree that this look is a bit loud and in terms of the clashing of the prints however, I basically just went with the flow and tied the two prints together by wearing a black knee high stockings and the perfect summer shorts. I threw on some reflector sunnies from Zero UV and my holographic shoes and my outfit was complete hahaha. The shorts I’m wearing is one that I quickly pull for on hot summer days before it’s so comfortable and is just the right fit for me. You can also get the same shorts in a lighter shade at Skinny Bitch Apparel. Even though, I think Newcomdigi actually sells the light shade to the shorts and a much cheaper price….there goes your summer deal! Anyways, I’m completely exhausted already and the week has just begun but I know I’ll snap out of it pretty soon. 



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