Velvet Crush

Red Velvet Dress- Forever 21
Turtleneck Blouse- Zara
Faux Leather Jacket- Vintage
Sorry for the little inconsistency in posting since my arrival in Jamaica, but I’ve literally had zero time with my computer so things got a little complicated. This is a look I shoot a few weeks bad in New York..the day after it snowed. There is something about this red velvet dress that is very vibrant and striking that makes it such a cute dress for the fall/winter. I decided to layer my turtleneck top underneath the dress to add a more layered vibe and also adds a little contrast within this outfit. I love that this look has a very girly vibe to it yet the little touch of faux leather adds something very edgy. 
So far, my trip back home to Jamaica has been really great, I’ve already been having so much fun and it’s only the first week…I don’t miss New York one bit hahaha. You can follow me on instagram @marfarlane to get live updates of what I’m doing while spending time in Jamaica.
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