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I love being outdoors when the air is fresh and grass is green. It brings me such a sense of comfort and joy….a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything.IMG_1013




IMG_1001So I’ve been wanting to make this post for awhile, but kept delaying it. Back when I was visiting my sister in Atlanta around a few weeks ago, all I wanted to really do was be outside and take in all the fresh air I could get before I flew back to New York. While shooting this particular look, a wild deer ran up right across from be and I got so excited and had hoped that the camera had caught the action but sadly it didn’t. It’s these little things that I don’t get to see that very often that make me want to get away from New York more often to explore other cities and lifestyle.

Since I wasn’t doing too much on this day, I wore a pretty casual look with my silver sweater top that got got months ago and have no clue how it got into my closet! Thankfully had holes all over it to keep me cool and I paired it with a loose fitting baggy pant, then finished off the look with my favourite printed cardigan that I’ve neglected for many months until now. I’ve been really pushing towards wearing more comfortable clothing that doesn’t take too much time to put together but is still very fashionable and practical…yes yes I know fashion and practical shouldn’t really be in one sentence but for me, it works.

Style ALIEN *_*

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