Mind Mischief

Black and White Scarf- Made by me
Coat- Nasty Gal
Concho Hat- Forever 21
Scully Platform- Jeffrey Campbell
On a cozy day, I like to layer  strategically that will allow me to go ‘pantless’ but still keep as warm as possible. Good thing the day I actually wore this look was warm enough for me to just wear stockings to be paired with my oversized sweater dress and a nice heavy wool coat from Nasty Gal. 
To spark a little interest and as an additional texture, I chose to where this pretty cool black and white scarf that I made in class. The scarf is designed like a sort of shawl so it goes over the head and sits on the shoulders, which makes it easy to pull over and pair with any outift. It works more like an interest piece rather than actually keeping you warm but I think of it as a fun accessory piece.
I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving weekend, I definitely did as I went to Atlanta to visit family and then partake in a little shopping spree but it was all fun and I’m now back in NY, ready to take one the last week of classes. 
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Forgive and Forget

Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Creepers
Me in such a short mini skirt is always the funniest thing ever, mainly because I unfortunately always choose the most windy days to wear them and lets just say there’s a lot of holding and trying to securing that I don’t flash someone on the street haha.
For this look, I kept it pretty casual in a basic tank top in a colour I’ve never actually worn before. It’s like a mix between green and blue but I can’t quite figure out what colour it is exactly. This look is pretty much prefect for warm days and is very easy to wear both dressed up and dressed down. For me, I paired it with a tribal inspired skirt that I randomly picked up while browsing through forever 21 and to be honest, it’s not typically the kind of item I’d wear but I thought it would be interesting to see how many ways I could wear it plus it was at a good price. Of course, my creepers had to be apart of this look because nothing is complete without creepers lol. Well I’m off to the run to start my day, so much to do with so little time.
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Oversized Vest- H&M
Top- DIY combination of two sweaters
Concho Hat- Forever 21
Shoes- TUK Creepers
Giving a witchy vibe today on the blog, with lots of dark elements and a random pop of royal blue. I don’t think I can ever really get over this faux leather vest from H&M that I got a few months ago. It’s such perfection and goes well with basically anything I wear it with…just breathtaking. For this outfit, I really wanted to experiment with layering two of my lightweight sweaters for a weird grungy mash up. So, I basically just wore the back part of my black sweater as the front to give the effect of a harness layered on top of sweater with tiny perforated looking holes. I really like this look because it’s pretty much very easy and simplistic but with the little tweaks I made here and there, it brought it up a notch yet still remained casual enough…or at least what I view casual as haha. 
Anyways, it’s a snowy day today in New York…I was seriously praying for them to cancel classes because going to school on Mondays is always such a drag! I’ll be sure to update as much as I can…my schedule has been so crazy for this semester but for live time updates you can always follow me on Instagram @marfarlane.

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Flames To Dust

Right before I flew out of New York for the thanksgiving holidays

Sweater- Forever 21
Matte Jacket- Similar
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Grail Platforms (Dolls Kill)
Pants- H&M
In the middle of shooting the outfit, the rain came falling out of nowhere but I really wanted to be able to share this look so I just kinda ignored the fact that I was about to be dredged. I was kind of going for a very relaxed preppy chic attire, by simply wearing a sheer collared top underneath a chunky knit sweater that has this really cool symmetric zipper detail. I also have been wearing this dropped crotch pants a whole lot lately, simply because its amazingly comfy and I can wear leggings underneath for extra warmth.
 I really love the fact that the plaid sheer top underneath has a hi-lo hemline, because it some how blends the symmetric quality of the sweater with a slight that asymmetric touch from the blouse. I then went along to wear my matte faux leather jacket which I absolutely love because it has so many details, structure and a faux shearling lining that’s perfect for keeping me warm. Of course, I added my concho hat just for extra accessorizing…plus I somehow almost never go anywhere without a hat on. I’ll try to snap a few pictures of what I’m wearing while here in Charlotte but until then have a great weekend!
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Jumper- Similar
Boots- H&M
Concho Hat- Similar
I’ve been literally searching high and low, with the aim of finding the perfect concho hat…and I eventually did but it was way too expensive for me. Originally, I wanted the UNIF concho hat (here) but once I saw that price was like the cost of two of my hats then I just decided to wait until it either went on sale or just give up looking overall. Lucky for me, I somehow got myself onto the Forever 21 page and happen to find a concho hat there, which unfortunately is now sold out. I paired this lovely hat with a oversized cowl neck sweater that was actually given to me by my sister  before I came back from Jamaica in the summer. I’ve been dying for it to be cold enough for me to wear it because it pretty thick but surely keeps you warm. 
I think I’ve posted me wearing pants three times in a row for like the first time ha. Yes, it has gotten so cold in New York that all I can do is wear pants and knitted sweaters. I even wore a coat over the jumper in this post but ended up leaving that one out of the post. 
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