Figment Of Imagination

Distressed Denim Shorts-Nasty Gal
Shoes- Deandri Archie Oxfords (get them here)
So when I went back to Jamaica, I raided my mother’s closet because a) her closet is like a homemade boutique and b) I ALWAYS find great pieces in there that I can easily mix with my own clothes/style. One of my favourites that I took from her is this very soft, romantic-esque lazer cut top in ivory white. I absolutely love lazer cut tops so when I was able to make the steal for this, I happily took the opportunity. What I like to do whenever I have to style very romantic and girly pieces, I always tend to mix this with a more hardcore grunge-esque look because I feel like it embodies my style a lot. So, I wore my cut off shorts with black sheer tights to give off the grunge element that I was aiming for. I’m getting back into the groove of being back in New York and have been checking out a lot of new spots…mostly downtown, I’ll share some of those in a picture post very soon.
Style ALIEN *_*

Grunge In Paradise

Top- New Look
Shorts- Nasty Gal
Shoes- Creepers
Sunglasses- Zero UV

So I finally get to update you guys on my vacationing back home in Jamaica! I’m so happy to be back, and I forgot how much I missed not being in the busy city life. This outfit is probably one of the more grungy looks I’ve worn so far since being in Jamaica and I have to say my most favourite part of this look is the shorts! This is actually my first time wearing high waisted cut off shorts and to be honest, I’ve sworn to myself I’d never wear them but I have to say these are such an amazing fit! They’re from Nasty Gal and I absolutely love the front zipper detail of it. Also, I changed my hair color like a day after arriving here and it’s now like burgundy/red at the top and more of a dark brown at the back….Love it! I’ll take better pics of it and upload them as soon as I can. It’s really hard to update here but I’ll try as best as possible.
Style ALIEN *_*