See It Through

A whole lot of monochromatic layers for a super cold day.
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 I like to have fun with my outfits and sometimes in the Winter, it’s so easy to blend in with the crowd because this time of the year most people are wearing all black with a down jacket or one of those eskimo coats. Not that I find anything wrong with this but, personally for me I like to see how I can bend that trend and still be able to keep warm.

 Here it looks like I’m wearing two layers but in reality, I have a thousand layers underneath my sweater.The Heattech from Uniqlo has been doing wonders for me and I recommend it to anyone comfortable and warm as possible in the Winter. For a fun monochromatic look, I paired my plaid coat from Zara, with this similar plaid sweater and a black and white scarf for an extra added touch.

 I like to wear pants during the Winter months, so I wore these thick ones from Zara that I have to try and stop myself from wearing everyday….can’t get enough of it.

Sunny Winter

 Just another day in Brooklyn.
Sweater- Forever 21
Skirt- Zara
Can I first express how obsessed I am with this tribal inspired sweater! I bought it during the Black Friday sales at Forever 21 and can’t stop wearing it. Surprisingly, I found it in the mens section  (I shopboth male and female clothes sometimes) and just bought the smallest size that could fit me
perfectly…even though its still a little big.
The quality is pretty great and its super thick and cozy even though in this post I layered it with a
blouse underneath because New York’s weather switches easily from being warm to cold and cold to
warm. As you can see, it was a beautiful sunny day and which allowed me to wear my neoprene skirt
and stockings . However, for safety of the wind and an additional layer…I wore an oversized coat which
is an item I’ve been wearing a whole lot if you’ve seen from my Instagram photos.
I have a lot more looks coming up on the blog and I’m hoping I can do a video diary real soon. Have an
awesome day!
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Pale Skies

Sweater- Forever 21
Vest- H&M
Shoes- Miista

Just giving a quick post on a look I wore on a snowy day. Strange enough, it was snowing but not very cold so I just wore a chunky sweater and over oversized faux leather vest with some tight skinny pants. Of course I was wearing a scarf but for the purpose of the shoot I decided not to show it because it would cover the delicate beauty of the sweater.
I’m actually surprized that I haven’t worn  this vest sooner this season…but it came out at the right time because its so useful when you want to feel warm and comfy but not uncomfortable with a thousand layers. I like to go very minimal in the jewelry area during the winter months, only because I usually have to wear gloves and necklaces seem unnecessary if there’s a huge scarf covering it. 
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Mind Mischief

Black and White Scarf- Made by me
Coat- Nasty Gal
Concho Hat- Forever 21
Scully Platform- Jeffrey Campbell
On a cozy day, I like to layer  strategically that will allow me to go ‘pantless’ but still keep as warm as possible. Good thing the day I actually wore this look was warm enough for me to just wear stockings to be paired with my oversized sweater dress and a nice heavy wool coat from Nasty Gal. 
To spark a little interest and as an additional texture, I chose to where this pretty cool black and white scarf that I made in class. The scarf is designed like a sort of shawl so it goes over the head and sits on the shoulders, which makes it easy to pull over and pair with any outift. It works more like an interest piece rather than actually keeping you warm but I think of it as a fun accessory piece.
I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving weekend, I definitely did as I went to Atlanta to visit family and then partake in a little shopping spree but it was all fun and I’m now back in NY, ready to take one the last week of classes. 
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Everything In Its Right Place

Brooklyn days in a cozy sweater and shorts.
Sweater- H&M
Shorts- Similar
Boots- H&M
Hat- Similar
I had so much fun shooting this look because it’s been awhile since I’ve worn shorts for this Fall season, main reason being that I get cold so easily and putting on pants always seems like a major go-to move for me. I went out around Williamsburg here in Brooklyn sporting this comfy emsemble one weekend and didnt realize how much I love these boots until now. I’ve literally had this pair for awhile now and couldn’t quite decide what to style them with but so many ideas are now starting to float through my head and ways I could wear them for this Fall.
For this look, I chose to pair them with this awesome ribbed sweater (that I was scared of looking like a “Christmas sweater”) and light grey pleated shorts for a quick and easy daytime look that you can wear for brunch, shopping or just hanging with friends. 
I hope you like this quick post and be sure to tune in on my blog tomorrow for when I announce the giveaway! Have a great day!!
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Fall Essentials: 2014/2015

1. Mohair Coat- Nasty Gal
2. Oversized Neoprene Jacket- Forever 21
3. Grey Raglan Coat- Zara
4. Grey Ribbed Sweater- Zara
5. Double Zipped Sweater- Forever 21
6. Matte Leather Jacket- Similar
7. Effiel Towel Sweatshirt- Romwe
8. Oversized Leather Vest- H&M
9. Plaid Coat- Zara
10. Distressed Sweater- UNIF
At any giving time, you’ll definitely find me wearing on of these pieces for this fall. Aside from it being unbearably cold here in NY, I actually like dressing up in coats and sweaters…it gives me a sense of warmth and comfort. I just wanted to share this quick post with you on my top 10 items for this fall, some of which you’ve probably already seen me wear here on the blog. 
Hope today is a great start to your week and I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow!
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No Church In The Wild

One of those days when wearing full head-to-toe black is all I need to get me through the day.

Sweater- Forever 21
Trousers- Zara
Hat- Zara

For this look, I’m slightly channeling a more grunge, almost “no care” side of me. As you can see, I’m wearing zero make-up hence this look was shot on a day I wanted to be laid-back and comfortable without a care in the world. Sometimes I have days such as these, where it’s totally okay to dress down a little. I’m wearing one of my favourite sweaters from last fall…the cut-outs at the shoulders make for a great interesting look and that patch cut-out of the cross is golden. 
I chose to pair it with a slouchy trousers and flat oxfords, mainly because it made me feel so comfortable and since it was a little windy the addition of the hat was the perfect touch in tying this overall look together. The fall weather is definitely in full swing now in NY, so expect to see a lot more layering and sweater combinations here the blog.
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Weekends spent strolling around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn calls for the perfect blend between a simplistic hipster and a sporty vibe.
Vest- Nasty Gal
Bracelet- Vintage
As I’ve mentioned a few times before here on the blog, my favourite place to hang out on the weekends during my free time is in Williamsburg. Mainly because the vibe there is so chill and there’s always a small interesting new spots to explore. On days like these, I personally like to dress as comfortable as possible…which means, the perfect pair of oxfords and clothing pieces that are slightly loose fitting but gives enough room for comfort while still being clean and polished. 
I chose to wear this vintage inspired lace top that pretty much looked like was specifically dyed to have this very rustic colour to it. However, that’s what I love so much about it plus the addition of the lace gives it such a great detailed touch. I could have thought of so many ways to style this top but, I chose to pair it with an almost plaid abstract looking short and this awesome baby blue vest. I’m so in love with the “biker” quality of this vest, that it has already become a staple piece in my closest for the Fall and could definitely be styled is so many different ways. 
I really wanted to tie in the burgundy color of my oxfords into this look hence, I chose to wear this panama hat that I’ve neglected for so many month. I think it made for a great addition to the look because of the ribbon colours that were wrapped in the silver chain…yea yea I know that seems like a very small detail however, I feel like sometimes its the small details that can certainly help make or break an overall look.
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Walking Dreamer

Black and lace has always been such a go-to look for me…whether during the Summer, Fall or Winter. One weekend in Brooklyn I decided to go for a dark witchy look, with enough chiffon pleats and a feminine aura.
I almost never wear midi length skirts because it can sometimes come off a bit awkward looking on me but, when I found this skirt about a month ago in Forever 21 I was pretty surprised that the length didn’t bother me as much…its slowly becoming one of my favourite piece in my closet.

Lace Top- Nasty Gal
Pleated Skirt- Forever 21
Though I’m currently revamping my style and closet, this was a look I wore few weeks ago while prancing around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It was very sunny yet I’m not quite sure what possessed me  to wear a full on black attire. However, the fact that everything I had on was very lightweight and airy, made it so much easier for me to go through the day without sweating like a pig.
I kept it pretty low key on the accessories because I really wanted the beauty of the lace to speak for itself rather than overpowering everything with loads of jewelry. So since I had a bit of a low cut top, it was only right to add a bit of a statement piece around my neckline as the main accessory. 
Anywhos, I’m back to being super busy as I’m back in school again, finishing up my BFA p.s I already got a bolt load of homework! 
For any of my followers back in school, wishing you the best of luck and thanks for visiting!
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Electric Avenue

Taking my usual all black attire with a Summer approach.

Top- Nasty Gal
Short- Similar
Shoes- Forever 21
Necklace- Jamaica

I finally back with a new post and I couldn’t be more happy to share this graphic black and white ensemble to kick off the week. In the early stages of blogging, I’d always wear graphic and band tees…I still do but not as much as I would at one point. What intrigues me with this top is the marble effect where the white details are printed, which somehow reminds me of lightning. 
I paired the top but tucking it into one of my favorite pair of shorts right now. Though the shorts is pretty much a classic black shorts, the touch of lace around the hemline really brings something interesting  to the look and is perfection to me since I’ve been so obsessed with lace all summer long.
For me, adding that touch of color through my accessories help to elevate the look a little without overpowering the beauty of the top. Just a quick update with me, I recently started a new internship so I’ve been super busy fitting in “fun time” in my schedule but I’m making it work as best as I can…I’ve been doing a lot of exploring in Brooklyn and have been documenting it so I’ll be sure to post those photos here on my blog very soon. Hope you all have a lovely week!
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