Top- Zara
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Grail Platforms by UNIF
It’s so strange it see how much my personal style has been tweaked since one year ago when I started this style blog. I started off very grungy and a little less polished but now, though I’m still highly inspired by 90s grunge…I have found a more suiting style that in my opinion is very edgy, still a bit grungy but in the right amount. That’s the whole reason I started this blog, I really wanted to see how much my person style would evolve when I moved to New York, based on my experiences change in lifestyle and simply by just growing up. I believe evolution is one beautiful thing. 
For this post, I was trying something a bit new by playing with the organic movement of neoprene. I’ve never really owned anything made out of neoprene so I was really excited to build an outfit around this top. I love how sculptural the top is so I wanted to play with with it against faux leather textures so I wore my favourite black faux leather skirt with a blue faux leather jacket for an extra pop of color. 

Flames To Dust

Right before I flew out of New York for the thanksgiving holidays

Sweater- Forever 21
Matte Jacket- Similar
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Grail Platforms (Dolls Kill)
Pants- H&M
In the middle of shooting the outfit, the rain came falling out of nowhere but I really wanted to be able to share this look so I just kinda ignored the fact that I was about to be dredged. I was kind of going for a very relaxed preppy chic attire, by simply wearing a sheer collared top underneath a chunky knit sweater that has this really cool symmetric zipper detail. I also have been wearing this dropped crotch pants a whole lot lately, simply because its amazingly comfy and I can wear leggings underneath for extra warmth.
 I really love the fact that the plaid sheer top underneath has a hi-lo hemline, because it some how blends the symmetric quality of the sweater with a slight that asymmetric touch from the blouse. I then went along to wear my matte faux leather jacket which I absolutely love because it has so many details, structure and a faux shearling lining that’s perfect for keeping me warm. Of course, I added my concho hat just for extra accessorizing…plus I somehow almost never go anywhere without a hat on. I’ll try to snap a few pictures of what I’m wearing while here in Charlotte but until then have a great weekend!
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Speed Of Sound

Playing it real cool and casual today on the blog.

Shoes- Grail Platform by UNIF
Beanie- Zara
I shot this look about a week ago before my birthday and I really wanted to dress casual yet still edgy. I went with layering very clean silhouettes with touches of pastel colours against dark tones and the beanie that I can’t seem to separate myself from wearing. I rarely wear denim pants but whenever I do, I like to keep it very simple and classic and dark denim is basically always my go-out when it comes to wearing jeans. I can’t quite promise that I’ll do more styling of denim pants but if the right pair comes along I won’t hesitate! Anyways, I hope you all have a great weekend
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Dirty Little Secrets

Sharing a grey palette with silver accents from my jewelry

Dress- Evil Twin from Urban Outfitters
Shoes- UNIF Grail Platforms from Dolls Kill
You all are probably tired of seeing me in this color palette by now, and I will say I have  been so lazy these past few days… so anything that I can slip on quickly to rush to my classes I’m prettty much down for it and for some reason I always grab for the greyscale colors. In this post, I’m wearing this really cute dress from Evil Twin that has this slightly ragged look to it mainly because of its charcoal grey color, and the fact that it fits me like a little oversized dress. I thought of pairing this dress with a leather sleeveless vest but later on decided that it would possibly clash with the intricate texture of the dress  so, I opted for a chunky necklace to sit right on top of that rounded neckline. It was pretty winding when I wore this dress so I wore it with a thick dark stockings, which is perfect for days when it gets a little chilly and you don’t want to wear pants. I finished off the look by adding some UNIF to the mix with my grail platforms that added some extra spice to the overall look. Tomorrow’s my birthday and I couldn’t be anymore excited for it to come, so if you want to get updates on what I’ll be doing or wearing you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane

If Only Time Flew Like A Dove

Flared Skirt- Express
Distressed Denim Jacket- Thrift
Shoes- Grail Platform by UNIF (Dolls Kill)
Green Cat Eye Necklace- Glow Worm Shop
Clock Necklace- Vintage
Can we just take a moment to appreciate this beauty of this fit and flare sweater skirt from Express!? Lately I’ve gotten into wearing a lot of white separates and thanks to whatever clicked in my brain because I’m loving the dominant addition of the white skirt and socks in this post. I’m keeping it pretty casual with this outfit with the help of a very laid back ‘grunge touch’ of the denim jacket. I actually snapped these photos as I was heading home from my morning classes and it was such a beautiful day here in the city with the weather being mid way between summer and fall. I wore a body hugging knitted top which was given to me a few months ago by my mother when I went back to Jamaica sometime during the summer holidays. I really love the texture and the way the thread of this knitted top are woven so intricately and precise, giving the outfit a great detailed quality. I tucked the top into the skirt because it has always been a personal aesthetic that I really love and has the power to create a more polished look to an outfit. I have lots of new things that I’m excited about coming to my blog soon so stay tuned for that! Have a great week <3
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Cupid’s Chokehold

Skirt- Romwe
Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- UNIF Grail Platforms (Dollskill)
Here’s a look at a outfit I wore a few days ago while doing some little retail shopping in the city. I’ve been dying to wear this all-over print skirt from Romwe, for the longest time but I could never really find the perfect top to pair with it. I finally came to realize that there isn’t any real “perfect” top to pair it with so I went with a soft coloured sleeveless crop top from American Apparel, which allowed the beauty of the skirt to shine through. I’m pretty much obsessed with any clothing item that has some sort of graphical print all over it…especially when it’s as cute as this skirt! I also wanted to show how transitional this look can be for the fall by just throwing on a faux leather jacket. School starts back today for most people, including me. As much as I was starting to love not having any sleepless nights working in the studio at school, I was kinda missing it just a tad bit. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll be sure to share all my back-to-school outfits on here very soon.

Holy Grail

Shorts- Nasty Gal
Plaid Muscle Top- DIY
Shoes- UNIF Grail Platforms (Dolls Kill)
Lately, I’ve been channeling and experimenting with different styles and sort of bringing back and mixing a little of my old style with a bit of the new. I think that’s one of the most unique things about “personal style”, it’ll pretty much always evolve. A lot of times when I’m searching for unique tops I’ll literally look for very simply silhouettes with very intricate back detailing, why? Well, I’m the type of person who will literally wear the back of a top as the front of the top just because I think the back detailing has so much more interest. An example of this is seen in this post where I took one of my mother’s tops and decided to wear the cut out details of the back of the blouse, towards the front. I wanted to go for more of a “punky downtown girl” look so I added some plaid detailing to frame the silhouette of the outfit and to give that extra depth to the whole look. 
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