Plaid Heavens

Wear Winter white with a pop of red and navy blue blue for an airy Winter attire.

 Sweater- UNIF

 Dress- Forever 21

 Coat- Similar

 So after a super long break, I’ve finally come back to my usual full time blogging. If you follow me on

Instagram, you’d see that I have been all over the place visiting family for the holidays and also in the
midst of completing a personal collection for my portfolio.
Its been hectic for sure but I definitely missed blogging. I back from the warmth of Jamaica and smacked
in the middle of this crazy Winter in New York. This look is one of the first I wore thus far since being
back and its a been of a clean almost all white look for the dramatics of blending in with that pure white
of the snow.
I’m wearing my cozy UNIF  sweater from last season, layered on top of this beautiful lacey dress and tons
of other unseen layers underneath that actually allowed me to weather this look without freezing
completely to death. I added the touch of the plaid as an extra layer for warmth and also to give the look
a bit of colour.
I can’t wait to share a lot of Winter looks and I hope where ever in the world you are, keep warm!
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Skull Face

Quick casual look, great for the Summer. For me, what makes a look perfect for the Summer season, are lightweight clothing and comfortable shoes. For this look I made the print of the blouse to main focus with staple jewelry pieces to go along.
Shoes- Creepers by T.U.K
Necklace- Tilly’s
I remember during my tween years, I use to be so obsessed with skulls and visiting Hot Topics every time I came to visit the States was always a must..I quickly grew out of that phase. However, what stuck with me was my love for the grunge era and blending that into my personal style. The top I’m wearing in this look is possibly my first all over skull print top I’ve had in years…and I love it so much mainly because of the cool detailed design inside of the skull face. I wore this look a few weeks ago while hanging out with my sister who was visiting the city.  I honestly didn’t plan on shooting this look but I thought it would be good to show some of my simpler everyday looks. On a lazy day or when I have errands to do, I usually throw on very easy going pieces that I can quickly put together when on a time crunch. Somehow, I always run out with my jewelry…jewelry is always a must for me! 
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Bad Seed

Romper- AMI Clubwear
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell (Mulder)
Hat- Similar
Super 60s vibe with a mixed element of boho chic and a tad bit of a grunge aesthetic. That’s exactly how I’d describe this look haha. I believe I mention early this month that I was revamping my personal style a little because at one point I felt a little all over the place and  hated everything in my closet. Nevertheless, thanks to the people over at AMI Clubwear for sending this lovely romper covered in cute little hearts. 
I’ll be the first to say I actually can’t stand wearing rompers/jumpsuits because most of them are always so uncomfortable for me in terms of the “wedgy” situation, so I always try to stay away from them. However, surprizingly the one I’m wearing in this post fits like a glove and it definitely comfy to wear all day! Since the romper itself was very loud and out there, I tried to tone it down a little by wearing it with a pure white cardigan for an extra feminine vibe and of course pairing my good ol’ chunky Jeffrey Campbell boots and wide brim hat was essential in carrying off this look. The day I wore this outfit it was like 80 degree and such a beautiful day, so I was completely excited that I could finally hang out on my roof top with some friends. I know I’ve been a little inconsistent with posting (I hate having to not blog) but finals have been such a drag for me, on top of finding a new place to live. But be sure to follow me on Instagram @marfarlane  for real time update.
Have a great week!
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As Long As You Know Who You Belong To

Hardy Sweater- UNIF
Tartan Skirt- Thrift
Shoe- Lost Sole Boots (Dollskill)
Shot this look a few weeks ago when it was fairly cold but warm enough to wear a tartan skirt. I have to say, my favourite part of this look has to be this gorgeous sweater from UNIF…they clearly make the best sweater hands down in my eyes. I love that it has this tattered grungy vibe to it but its pure white colour makes it flawlessly perfect for the winter. I decided to carry out the slightly grunge look by pairing the sweater with one of my favourite tartan skirt that I was lucky enough to score at the thrift store and I opted for my UNIF lost sole black boots to finish off this edgy yet girl look. 
Right now, I’m actually at the airport waiting on my flight to head back home to Jamaica. I’m so excited to be going back to warmth and sunshine. I tried to shoot some cold weather looks before I left New York so I’ll be sure to post those later on this week. Hope you all have a great week.
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Playsuit- Zara
Envelope Purse- Nasty Gal
Shoes- Creepers
So a few days ago, I visited a couple museums and did a little ‘touristy’ sightseeing stuff and this outfit is what I wore for most of the day while doing these activities. I love playsuits a lot especially this one that I got from Zara, its sheer all across the high chest area to the sleeves and has these cute little white collar. If I’d have to describe this look it would be pretty simple because for some reason, I thought I looked like a bad school girl. I love the fact that this playsuit is made somewhat like a skort because from front view it looks like a really short dress that could fly up with the wind at anytime but from a back view its actually a shorts. I went very minimal in accessorizing, with only a few bracelets on my arm, rings that I cant get enough of and my statement fork necklace. Ultimately, I probably wouldn’t have opt for wearing creepers with this look but I really wanted to make this attire toned down and semi-casual, since I was pretty much doing daytime activities. 
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Kiss Me

Band Tee- Vintage
Oversized Denim Jacket- Vintage
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- H&M
Hat- Zara
Evil Eye Charm Bracelets- Jem Bracelets
So recently, I’ve been getting into wearing hats a lot more than usual because for some reason it just feels natural to grab for a hat in the mornings before heading out for my daily activities. In this post, I’m wearing one of my most recent purchases from Zara…. it’s this beret in faux fur. I’m really not a big fan of fur or faux fur however I’ll wear faux fur in small places of my outfit but never as a dominate feature. This look compared to yesterdays are two complete oppostites, as the look in this post is a lot more of my usual grunge style because I can’t get enough of band tees like “Kiss”, paired with a 90s acid wash jacket and a long flowy maxi skirt to add a little feminine quality to the overall appearance of this look. 
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Dirty Little Secrets

Sharing a grey palette with silver accents from my jewelry

Dress- Evil Twin from Urban Outfitters
Shoes- UNIF Grail Platforms from Dolls Kill
You all are probably tired of seeing me in this color palette by now, and I will say I have  been so lazy these past few days… so anything that I can slip on quickly to rush to my classes I’m prettty much down for it and for some reason I always grab for the greyscale colors. In this post, I’m wearing this really cute dress from Evil Twin that has this slightly ragged look to it mainly because of its charcoal grey color, and the fact that it fits me like a little oversized dress. I thought of pairing this dress with a leather sleeveless vest but later on decided that it would possibly clash with the intricate texture of the dress  so, I opted for a chunky necklace to sit right on top of that rounded neckline. It was pretty winding when I wore this dress so I wore it with a thick dark stockings, which is perfect for days when it gets a little chilly and you don’t want to wear pants. I finished off the look by adding some UNIF to the mix with my grail platforms that added some extra spice to the overall look. Tomorrow’s my birthday and I couldn’t be anymore excited for it to come, so if you want to get updates on what I’ll be doing or wearing you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane

Magic In Me

Grunge Inspired Sweater- Forever 21
Shoes- H&M
Sunglasses- Zero UV
Hat- Bebe
Hazel Eye Necklace- Glowwormshop 
Growing up in the Caribbean all my life up until I moved to New York last year, experiencing the drastic climate chance has never really been an issue for me mainly because it was basically summer all year round. Now that I’m living in NewYork, I never really thought that I’d actually enjoy seeing the leaves fall,wither and bounce back up again during the Spring. As much as I’m still not 100% use to the whole Fall/Winter season, I can say that I surely love witnessing the force of nature take over New York. I’m sure you all know this look too well as I’ve been pairing black on black a whole lot lately and I love it…especially when there’s a pop of color incorporated. I wore my oversized knit sweater that has this really cool embroidered of the cross in a 90’s inspired plaid, adding that grunge element that I love all too well. I chose to wear this sweater with my straight black dress and combat boots and later realized that there was a hint of bohemian inspo in there with the edgy 90s grunge element being the dominant feature of this whole look. 

Awake My Soul

Everything Vintage
Cardigan- Necessary Clothing
Shoe- Jeffrey Campbell Teeter

Compared to yesterday’s look…today’s post is a lot different. For today’s look, I’m pretty much looking like a “grunge school girl who’s secretly a badass witch” haha. I mixed both new and vintage pieces together that was able to bring this entire look alive. The lace top I’m wearing, use to be one of my ultimate ‘go-to’ tops back in 2008 I just loved the sheering details across the the shoulder and along the hem line, making it sort of like a pleasant top. Though I don’t usually fancy this type of silhouette in a blouse, something about this one seems much more pleasing to me and adding that sheer sleeve layering underneath just gives it that grungy vibe. The plaid skirt I’m wearing is actually one that I’ve shared here on the blog already (here) but as you can see, I ended up cutting up shorter into a mini skirt. I decided to cut it because it was at an awkward length which caused me to stay away from styling it for a very long time but I love the length now and it allows me to get that knee high fall look going. Hope you like today’s post..feel free to comment down below and tell me what you think.

Chain Reaction

Evil Barbie Cropped Top- Dolls Kill
UNIF Grail Platforms- Dolls Kill
Braided Fringe Cardigan- Vintage
Black and white with silver accents, has practically become my uniform these past weeks. I’m not quite sure if you all are exhausted of seeing me in this combination but it’s quite obvious I’m not getting over it any time soon hahaha… I just love it! I wore my evil barbie crop tee and overlayed it with a tight fitting high neck crop top to give it a different look because I didn’t want to seem to repetitive with wearing just a plain tee. I paired this with my distressed mesh maxi skirt to give to more hardcore rocker appeal, with sheer stockings and knee high socks to give it more depth to the look…plus it was cold so that helped a little. Of course this look wouldn’t be complete with the help of my platform babies which definitely gave it the edgy look that I was going for. It’s almost the weekend and I couldn’t be happier…this weekend was completely exhausting for me so I need to weekend to arrive so I can blow off some steam
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