The Love I Grew Upon

Jumpsuit- Forever 21
Necklace- Tilly’s
Rings- Vintage

This is last post I took while in Jamaica last week..I chose to wear something completely different from what I’m use to. A jumpsuit! this is literally the first jumpsuit I’ve ever worn mainly because I can never find any that fits my body perfectly. There was still some imperfections with this one that I’m wearing because it was just wayy too long and sort of dragged on the floor but I didn’t really care about that too much mainly because I was on vacation and the print of the suit itself is just plain gorgeous.
The part which I love the most is the cut out details of the back, it really gives this jumpsuit a nice touch since the construction design at the front is pretty simplistic. I added a touch of silver jewelry as accents to this overall look and flat sandals for a nice stroll around the area.
If I were to wear this jumpsuit again here in New York, I definitely need to adjust the length or I’d probably trip over somebody in the streets and I’d also pull my hair back into a neat ponytail. 
I’m glad I took this short trip back home because it had really opened my eyes to finally let go of situations that I had no control over and it’s part of the reason I’ve been in a funk in terms of shooting looks. However, I’m back to shooting again in New York, and I have lots of looks coming up very soon so stay tuned for that.
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Photos taken by Knakia Boreland

The Place I Call Home

One of the first days I spent back home in Jamaica. My aim was to keep it clean and simplistic.

Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- Nasty Gal
Necklace- Tilly’s

Ahh it feels like forever since my last post. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for awhile now resulting in me not wanting to really be in front of the camera. However, I’m trying to snap out of it and get back to posting regularly because I truly miss it. 
When I went back home to Jamaica for my week trip, I managed to shot a two looks and this one is the first of the two which I love because of its clean touch and possesses a resort inspired aura. You’ll probably seen me wear the top is a previous post (here), I loved it so much that I chose to style it once again with my loose fitting abstract shorts that was perfectly in black and white. I kept it simple with my  flat back sandals that I’ve been wear a whole lot all Summer…(definitely need to stop wearing them for awhile). I added a statement necklace since the top was a bit subtle, sadly the necklace is now completely destroyed from being crushed in my luggage on my way back to New York…so now I’m currently on the hunt for something very similar. 
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll get back to posting daily very soon!
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Smile For Me…Jamaica

Dress- Motel Rocks
Just giving a quick post from a few days ago when I went out for a small road trip with my parents. We  ended up having dinner at this lovely restaurant by the ocean and with incredible food. I managed to snap some quick pictures even though it was so sunny I could barely keep my eyes open. I’ve been so busy all week getting last minute things to take back with me because I leave in two days… I have a few  more blog post that I’ve taken here in Jamaica, so I’ll be sure to share those soon. 
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Remember You Like It Was Yesterday

Top- H&M
Shorts- Zara
Necklace- Glowwormshop
My days in Jamaica are officially coming to a close, and I can honestly say that I this time coming back home has been really great for me personally. Captured even the smallest moment to carry back with me in my heart back to New York. Oddly, I’ve been wearing a lot of all black looks as its coming closer to the end of my trip…maybe I’m mourning the death of my Winter vacation, I suppose hahaha. Though I’ve been pairing up a lot of all black combinations, I still try to keep very light layers that will still allow me to enjoy the Island breeze while still containing a summer look for those who are afraid of colour. I’ve been wearing mostly flat shoes here’s kind of pointless walking around in my usual 6 inch platforms. 
I miss New York a tad bit, surely not looking forward to getting back to the cold weather but we’ll see how it all plays out. 
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Island In The Sun

Skirt- H&M
Shoes- UNIF Lost Sole Boots (here)
Hazel Eye Necklace- Glow Worm Shop

I’m loving every moment of this vacation back home in Jamaica…I know I’ll definitely be sad when I have to go back to the extremely cold weather conditions back in New York. On this particular day it was literally super windy and sunny at the same time…typical me, wore a skirt that few up with the wind at every chance possible so that explains why for the first time I cracked a huge smile because I had such a hard time keeping my skirt from flying up for this shoot. I’ve literally been living in mini skirts and dresses while being here because everyday here is like a melting pot so staple pieces such as skirts, tees, dresses and shorts are a must have when it comes to dressing here in Jamaica. I wore a tie dyed loose top tucked into this skirt for a perfect day of lounging around a beach club that had such an amazing view of the horizon. 
I know this might seem a bit weird, but I wore my UNIF lost sole boots with white white socks…because for some reason I couldn’t resist wearing it with this outfit. I haven’t been wearing too many layers since being here because in all honesty if I could wear a swimsuit everyday…I would. Anyways, I’m off to shop for some local jewelry and then meet up with some friends afterwards.
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Love Me Lights Out

Velvet Crop Top- Similar
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Oxford
Wow, feels like forever since I posted anything but as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been visiting back home in sunny Jamaica for a month so I really haven’t had much time to post the looks I’ve been wearing. First off let me say Happy New Year!! hope you all had a lovely time and I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store…2013 went so fast whew! Anyways, if you’ve been keeping up with my post on Instagram (@marfarlane) you’ll see I’ve been spending most of my time by the beach, lounging around somewhere outside and spending time with family and friends. I’m happiest when I’m home surrounded by family so it’s feels really good to be home. 
During this vacation, I’ve been wearing a lot of skirts and shorts for the warm weather and my flat oxford shoes have been my main go-to shoes since being here. For this look I wore a cropped blue velvet top with one of my favourite pieces..this black and white skirt covered in eyes. It’s a casual look I put together to hang walk around the area a bit and chill with my sister. I’m by to regular posting now so I have lots more looks coming up this week so stay tuned for that.
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Irie Vibes

Clutch- Jamaica
Cat Eye Necklace- Glow Worm Shop
Hat- Zara

I’ve been missing home a whole lot and one day I was staring at my multi-coloured glass clutch that I got in Jamaica, then I realized that I have yet to actually shared it any of my posts. So, I decided to build a whole outfit around it …dedication to my culture I suppose. I wore my black spider weed tee with this bold pop of green and basically combined it with all black. I really didn’t want to take away the distraction from the clutch which might I add, is fantastic! it’s made of these tiny rectangular painted glass in yellow, green and red, which are colours of significance to the Rastafarian movement. I think what I love the most about the outfit is that it steams off a very calm mood and the pop of these bright colours feels like paint being splashed on a blackboard. 

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Can You Love Me Again

Bob Marley Legend Tee- Jamaica
Skirt- Thrift
Just wanted to give a quick update of a look I wore a few days ago. I literally pulled the whole thing together in like five minutes basically because I was super late for work but, soon afterwards I realized how much I actually liked the pieces I put together. This is really more of a casual look using the light blue wash of the denim as the pop colour against all the black shades. I love to layer light weight pieces because it just makes things a little more interesting so I wore another one of my Bob Marley tee…rip the sleeves off to make it into a tank and layer it with one of my favourite thrift finds. I love that the print of the tee is like peeking through all the tiny holes of the blouse and added the touch of the light wash denim skirt with the coolest placed buttons makes the look have a more fun and quirky vibe without being too all over the place. Hope you all are having a great weekend, I’ve been so busy and exhausted but I’ll survive!
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Redemption Song

Bob Marley Tee- Jamaica
Fringe Kimono- Necessary Clothing
This is a really quick post I took sometime last week while taking some time to relax at a nearby park. I’ve been really loving this conbo of all black with print mixture for awhile now so I though I’d share a much more casual version. I wore a graphic Bob Marley tee with the perfect ankle length pants and layered with this lovely fringe kimono. I definitely love how laid back and free spirit this look is…and the fact I felt comfortable all day was really just a plus. I’ll be back to my regular post with more picture tomorrow…thanks for reading and have a great day!
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Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

Dress- Thrift
Necklace- Boutique in Jamaica
So the summer time is pretty much coming to a close and for some reason, I notice that I’ve been wearing a lot of black combination looks now that the summer is almost over. With this particular look, I drew some inspiration from the Baroque era but with a little urban spin and signature stamps of my own personal style. I usually never do anything to my hair most times when I’m getting ready each day but I decided to do a little experimenting with styles more often so I did a braided crown which helped to enhance the look that I was going for. The best thing about this look is that the clothing is very easy to wear and throw on for a perfect day to walk around, shop or even to go on a lunch date. It’s also a great transitional look into the fall season, so that’s always a plus. I hope you guys liked this post and have a wonderful week!

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