Optimistic Coocoon

One of those colder days where my oversized scarf is necessary.
Scarf- Thrifted
Top- Vintage
This scarf is literally always becomes my favourite each fall/winter season, because you can’t quite deny its warmth and beauty. Usually I find some tie-dye very tacky and not within my taste but I guess I was so lucky two years ago when I found this black and white beautifully tie-dye scarf in a thrift store. As you can see, it’s super oversized and can be worn several ways but for some reason I chose to wear it like this big cocoon shawl. 
Underneath, I just wore my black and gold top layered on top of a black collared blouse. I was also wearing my pleaded black skirt but because I wanted to show of the beauty of the scarf, I didn’t make it the focal point for the purpose of this post. 
My finals are almost over and I can’t wait to be done with them and head back home to Jamaica for the holidays! plus, I’ll be able to post more regularly on the blog because I have so many ideas of posts that I could do. Hope you all have a great day!
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Take Off From The Start

Casual moments in Williamsburg is the one things I look forward to on weekends.

Fuzzy Sweater- Similar
Pants- Nasty Gal
Biker Jacket- Similar

I finally decided to take this awesome biker jacket for a stroll about two weekends ago during the leisure time I spend vintage browsing and store gazing in Williamsburg. This whole year, comfort has become a major element in my wardrobe. So, I’ve been wearing pieces that can easy fit with each other that doesn’t quite take too much time deciding in the mornings on what to wear.
For this look I wore my warm and fuzzy top that I’m completely obsessed with because it’s literally the softest thing in my closet right now. Because it’s pure white it exhumes such a clean and fresh vibe hence, I went along to pair it with something a little more on the edgy side which is the plaid pants. 
This ensemble is a bit more of what I usually like to wear when ever its not too freezing outside, as I am able to wear just a biker jacket and be good for the day. I kept it pretty simple for the accessories mainly because I wanted it to just be a more breathable and slightly simple look. 
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Fannel Chronicle

Sometime last week I had such a great time with my niece who came to visit me for a week. I tried to take her around as much places as I could here in New York but sadly there wasn’t quite much here for a 14 year old to do. Either way, I took her central park for a relaxing day which was where I decided to snap this look.

I literally stepped out of my apartment unknowingly matching in forest green and navy blue…it was only until I was heading back home on the train that I really recognized that I was matching completely with my outfit and accessories .

One of my latest thrift finds is this really cool vintage sterling silver ring.

I’m extremely in love with this bag that I bought at a cute little boutique in Soho, I’m not quite sure how I got so lucky to even find this boutique but I’m just really glad because ever since, I now take this mini backpack almost everywhere with me if I can. The design is so sleek and unique, plus I absolutely love the combination of gold details with the navy blue.

Fannel Top- Forever 21
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane
It was a typical hot Summer day, and all I really wanted to wear was something cool and almost a bit effortless. I couldn’t quite tell the last time that I wore a fanned top but somehow I randomly decided that this day would be the day. This post reminds me a little bit more of my grunge side which I use to sport a whole lot when I started this blog almost two years ago….with this perfect choker and chunky boots. I’d actually like to think of it as more of a more refined approach to the grunge style because everything seems a little too much on the perfect side and yes, I was wearing shorts underneath. 
Overall, I like wearing these kinds of looks where it’s not too uptight and everything is simply easy breezy. I am currently cooking up some new looks, so that I can go back to posting a lot more during the weeks…but until then I hope you enjoyed this post.
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Clean White Noise

Snowy days in New York.

Sweater- Zara
Coat- H&M
Boots- H&M
Whenever it snows, I like to dress very comfortable and casual with flat boots to stomp around the snow in. I wore a sheer blouse layered under a cute off white sweater with my metallic green pants that I don’t wear quiet often but something possessed me to incorporate it in this look. For extra warmth, I wore my oversized coat with a big chunky scarf which gave me extra comfort for this snowy day. I have my ups and downs about the snow…I think it’s really beautiful especially the way the photographs but other times I hate it and just wish it was bright and sunny. Anyways, this week has been kind of hectic for me between finishing up my finals and running around doing last minute Christmas shopping. I’ll be sure to shoot as much cold weather look I can before going to Jamaica. Thanks for visiting.
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