Sunny Winter

 Just another day in Brooklyn.
Sweater- Forever 21
Skirt- Zara
Can I first express how obsessed I am with this tribal inspired sweater! I bought it during the Black Friday sales at Forever 21 and can’t stop wearing it. Surprisingly, I found it in the mens section  (I shopboth male and female clothes sometimes) and just bought the smallest size that could fit me
perfectly…even though its still a little big.
The quality is pretty great and its super thick and cozy even though in this post I layered it with a
blouse underneath because New York’s weather switches easily from being warm to cold and cold to
warm. As you can see, it was a beautiful sunny day and which allowed me to wear my neoprene skirt
and stockings . However, for safety of the wind and an additional layer…I wore an oversized coat which
is an item I’ve been wearing a whole lot if you’ve seen from my Instagram photos.
I have a lot more looks coming up on the blog and I’m hoping I can do a video diary real soon. Have an
awesome day!
Style ALIEN *_*


Skirt- Zara
I did a quick snap of this look awhile back when it was a colder here in New York and completely forgot to share it here on the blog. The styling of this look is a bit of a preppy school girl vibe. I wanted to play with layering of different textures so I paired a classic buttoned-down shirt underneath a light weight graphic t-shirt. Might I add, this t-shirt is one of my favourites…mainly because the it presents a very dark aura but still has a light fresh vibe to it.  Not so much of a spring look however, I thought why not share it.
Hope you have a great day! I’m off to visit some galleries here in Manhattan.
Style ALIEN *_*


Top- Zara
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Grail Platforms by UNIF
It’s so strange it see how much my personal style has been tweaked since one year ago when I started this style blog. I started off very grungy and a little less polished but now, though I’m still highly inspired by 90s grunge…I have found a more suiting style that in my opinion is very edgy, still a bit grungy but in the right amount. That’s the whole reason I started this blog, I really wanted to see how much my person style would evolve when I moved to New York, based on my experiences change in lifestyle and simply by just growing up. I believe evolution is one beautiful thing. 
For this post, I was trying something a bit new by playing with the organic movement of neoprene. I’ve never really owned anything made out of neoprene so I was really excited to build an outfit around this top. I love how sculptural the top is so I wanted to play with with it against faux leather textures so I wore my favourite black faux leather skirt with a blue faux leather jacket for an extra pop of color.