Eager Eyes

Casual days. Yes, I’m wearing jeans.
Sweater- H&M
Boots- Zara

I was a bit reluctant to post this look, mainly because it’s so far fetched from my usual style and I was feeling super lazy the day I got dressed. However, I decided to just go ahead and share because I feel like everyone has one of those off days plus sometimes it feels good to dress down a little. 
I believe I shared these mom jeans here on the blog once before during the Summer so, this time around I’m styling it in a more Fall attire with a bit of a bohemian/hipster inspired vibe.  
This look was worn for a full day of classes and I was super comfortable all day, minus my friends pointing out that they’ve never seen me wear jeans before haha. 
It’s starting to get extra cold here in NY, and I’m definitely not happy about that because all I want to do is stay indoors. I’ll be sure to post a lot more looks here on the blog but if you’d like to keep up with my collection developments you can always follow me on Instagram @marfarlane
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Everything In Its Right Place

Brooklyn days in a cozy sweater and shorts.
Sweater- H&M
Shorts- Similar
Boots- H&M
Hat- Similar
I had so much fun shooting this look because it’s been awhile since I’ve worn shorts for this Fall season, main reason being that I get cold so easily and putting on pants always seems like a major go-to move for me. I went out around Williamsburg here in Brooklyn sporting this comfy emsemble one weekend and didnt realize how much I love these boots until now. I’ve literally had this pair for awhile now and couldn’t quite decide what to style them with but so many ideas are now starting to float through my head and ways I could wear them for this Fall.
For this look, I chose to pair them with this awesome ribbed sweater (that I was scared of looking like a “Christmas sweater”) and light grey pleated shorts for a quick and easy daytime look that you can wear for brunch, shopping or just hanging with friends. 
I hope you like this quick post and be sure to tune in on my blog tomorrow for when I announce the giveaway! Have a great day!!
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Playing with earthiness for a nice comfy Fall look.
TurtleNeck Sweater- Forever 21
Draped Jersey Top- Necessary Clothing (Similiar)
Shearling Vest- Similar
Das Boots- UNIF
Necklace- Handmade in Jamaica

Sharing this quick post of a look I wore some weeks ago that I absolutely loved. I was back to wearing my 6 inch platforms and plying light layers for a cozy look. Earth tones always look so warm and inviting to me so I suppose that’s why I naturally fell in love with this combination.

Since it was a bit chilly outside, I wore my turtle neck sweater and layered it with this beautiful draped tunic top that had a cool knot in the front. I usually always go for structured pieces so this tunic top was a pleasant change for me. Every since I bought it, I’ve been pairing it so many ways…who knew it could be this versatile. To complete the look I threw on some comfy black pants from Zara and the most comfortable vest ever! I chose to style the overall look with complimentary jewelry and my Das Boots from UNIF for a slightly edgy vibe.

Have an awesome weekend!

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Last outfit I shot just before flying out to Jamaica

Ribbed Top- Zara
Maxi Skirt- Minty Jungle
Blue Faux Leather Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- To Be Announced from Solestruck
During my final days in New York before heading back home for the Christmas vacation, it was surprisingly bearable outside in terms of the weather. So to run some last minute errands, I slipped on this cute maxi skirt with an embroidered sheer panel and paired it with a sleeveless ribbed top. Because I was still a bit cold outside, I wore my thick black opaque stockings and a faux leather jacket in a pop of color to add a bit of brightness to the look since I was basically wearing all black. My hair was super curly and freshly done which is a good change from me always wearing it straight and messy. I’ll be sharing some summer looks that I’ve been wearing in Jamaica very soon.
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Velvet Crush

Red Velvet Dress- Forever 21
Turtleneck Blouse- Zara
Faux Leather Jacket- Vintage
Sorry for the little inconsistency in posting since my arrival in Jamaica, but I’ve literally had zero time with my computer so things got a little complicated. This is a look I shoot a few weeks bad in New York..the day after it snowed. There is something about this red velvet dress that is very vibrant and striking that makes it such a cute dress for the fall/winter. I decided to layer my turtleneck top underneath the dress to add a more layered vibe and also adds a little contrast within this outfit. I love that this look has a very girly vibe to it yet the little touch of faux leather adds something very edgy. 
So far, my trip back home to Jamaica has been really great, I’ve already been having so much fun and it’s only the first week…I don’t miss New York one bit hahaha. You can follow me on instagram @marfarlane to get live updates of what I’m doing while spending time in Jamaica.
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Clean White Noise

Snowy days in New York.

Sweater- Zara
Coat- H&M
Boots- H&M
Whenever it snows, I like to dress very comfortable and casual with flat boots to stomp around the snow in. I wore a sheer blouse layered under a cute off white sweater with my metallic green pants that I don’t wear quiet often but something possessed me to incorporate it in this look. For extra warmth, I wore my oversized coat with a big chunky scarf which gave me extra comfort for this snowy day. I have my ups and downs about the snow…I think it’s really beautiful especially the way the photographs but other times I hate it and just wish it was bright and sunny. Anyways, this week has been kind of hectic for me between finishing up my finals and running around doing last minute Christmas shopping. I’ll be sure to shoot as much cold weather look I can before going to Jamaica. Thanks for visiting.
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The Skyflowers We Call Snowflakes.

Sweatshirt- Similar
Cape- H&M
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Primus Blackbox (Tiltedsole)
It’s been snowing so much these past few days and I can’t wait to go back to the warmth of Jamaica next week. It’s going to be a bit strange because I’ll be switching to posting Summer looks since it’s always so hot and nice there. Anyways, I put together this grey scaled look a few days ago to run some errands…it’s pretty much the aftermath of a mini snow storm. I wore a plain grey sweatshirt with some layers underneath for warmth, then I decided to break out my pleated faux leather skirt that I haven’t had the chance of wearing for all of fall. I absolutely love the pleated details on the skirt…it makes for more interest and adds a bit of texture to the look. In case you’re wondering, I did actually wear another thicker jacket over this look because it was freezing but for the purpose of this post I decided to go with just the cape and the gloves.
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Burning Bridges Down…Set Me On Fire

Francis Dress- UNIF (Dolls Kill)
Shoes- To Be Announced (Solestruck)
Yesterday I was in Emerald green, today its all about this knitted dress in a colour rarely seen, tobacco brown. I bought this dress during the black friday sales and I’m not quite sure why I chose this colour over black but, I somehow thought seen it was such a specific and unique colour that I should just take the change with it. Completely satisfied with my decision because I’m so in love with this dress. It’s super cozy and the shredded/destroyed detailing at the hemline, takes it to another level. I wore black shorts underneath since it’s pretty much Winter here in New York. I’m not sure what it is about the day after a snow day because it wasn’t really cold at all…just lots of snow covering everywhere, and clearly the rooftop of my apartment was also covered in snow. For shoes, I wore my current favourite shoe called Gracie by To Be Announced and I remember purchasing a pair of shoes from them earlier this year and ended up returning them like a week after because it was made so poorly, but this time they blew me after this this little number with fringe and gold detailing.
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Symbolistic White Walls

Shorts- Chicnova
Oversized Faux Leather Vest- H&M
Shoes- UNIF Lost Sole Boots (Dolls Kill)
Cat Eye Necklace- Glow Worm Shop
Indoors for a change. I shoot this look awhile back and totally thought I had lost them then they suddenly appeared. New York is definitely too cold right now to wear this shorts no matter how cute they are however, with that been said, these shorts are the softest and ridiculously the most comfortable shorts I know. I got them from Chicnova and I just want to wear it everyday but I have to wait until I get to Jamaica in a couple weeks where its much more warmer. This look is my typical all black ensemble, with a loose tee slightly tucked into my shorts with a faux leather jacket, my oversized vest, sheer stockings and of course, comfy grunge inspired boots. I love playing with layering and mixing different weights of fabric is just perfection in my eyes because it tends to bring a lot more interest to an outfit and gives a look more depth and volume.
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A Wind In The Shadow

Loving light/cool grey palettes a lot more recently

Turtleneck Sweater – H&M
Blue Faux Leather Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- Scully Platform (Envishoes)
Some about the fall/winter season makes me want to wear a lot of whites and light greys, and I’m not complaining because I absolutely love fresh and calm I look and feel when wearing these colours. I’m not quite sure if the dress I’m wearing is meant to be a top or dress because it fits me like a dress without heels, but as soon as I strap my heels on I have to wear a shorts underneath so I don’t peek-a-boo anyone. I love how cozy and fuzzy the sweater dress is and it’s pretty versatile, as I’m able to pair it with many things. For this look, I wore it with a dark stockings, light grey socks and one of the newest addition to my shoe family. To be honest, on a scale of 1-10, the comfortability of this shoes is like a 5…no joke. It’s like the evil step sister to the mulder platforms, which you’ve probably seen me wear a few times here on my blog. However, I must say that the design and look of this shoes is perfect and somehow reminds me of like a school girl gone bad. I got them during the Black Friday sale along with some other cool stuff at some really great prices!
I have so much going on with finals week and running around to try and get everything finish and submitted on time. I’ll still try my best to post daily and consistently as much as I can for the next two weeks.
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