See It Through

A whole lot of monochromatic layers for a super cold day.
IMG_81181 IMG_8125 IMG_8127
IMG_8092 IMG_8088
 I like to have fun with my outfits and sometimes in the Winter, it’s so easy to blend in with the crowd because this time of the year most people are wearing all black with a down jacket or one of those eskimo coats. Not that I find anything wrong with this but, personally for me I like to see how I can bend that trend and still be able to keep warm.

 Here it looks like I’m wearing two layers but in reality, I have a thousand layers underneath my sweater.The Heattech from Uniqlo has been doing wonders for me and I recommend it to anyone comfortable and warm as possible in the Winter. For a fun monochromatic look, I paired my plaid coat from Zara, with this similar plaid sweater and a black and white scarf for an extra added touch.

 I like to wear pants during the Winter months, so I wore these thick ones from Zara that I have to try and stop myself from wearing everyday….can’t get enough of it.

Plaid Heavens

Wear Winter white with a pop of red and navy blue blue for an airy Winter attire.

 Sweater- UNIF

 Dress- Forever 21

 Coat- Similar

 So after a super long break, I’ve finally come back to my usual full time blogging. If you follow me on

Instagram, you’d see that I have been all over the place visiting family for the holidays and also in the
midst of completing a personal collection for my portfolio.
Its been hectic for sure but I definitely missed blogging. I back from the warmth of Jamaica and smacked
in the middle of this crazy Winter in New York. This look is one of the first I wore thus far since being
back and its a been of a clean almost all white look for the dramatics of blending in with that pure white
of the snow.
I’m wearing my cozy UNIF  sweater from last season, layered on top of this beautiful lacey dress and tons
of other unseen layers underneath that actually allowed me to weather this look without freezing
completely to death. I added the touch of the plaid as an extra layer for warmth and also to give the look
a bit of colour.
I can’t wait to share a lot of Winter looks and I hope where ever in the world you are, keep warm!
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Take Off From The Start

Casual moments in Williamsburg is the one things I look forward to on weekends.

Fuzzy Sweater- Similar
Pants- Nasty Gal
Biker Jacket- Similar

I finally decided to take this awesome biker jacket for a stroll about two weekends ago during the leisure time I spend vintage browsing and store gazing in Williamsburg. This whole year, comfort has become a major element in my wardrobe. So, I’ve been wearing pieces that can easy fit with each other that doesn’t quite take too much time deciding in the mornings on what to wear.
For this look I wore my warm and fuzzy top that I’m completely obsessed with because it’s literally the softest thing in my closet right now. Because it’s pure white it exhumes such a clean and fresh vibe hence, I went along to pair it with something a little more on the edgy side which is the plaid pants. 
This ensemble is a bit more of what I usually like to wear when ever its not too freezing outside, as I am able to wear just a biker jacket and be good for the day. I kept it pretty simple for the accessories mainly because I wanted it to just be a more breathable and slightly simple look. 
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Disclosed Desires

Sometimes its the mismatched moments that I realize how much fun styling can be once you don’t take it all it uptight and serious.
Boots- Zara
Rings & Bracelet- from Jamaica
Serving a mismatch look today on le blog by combining two completely different pieces and somehow making it work perfectly for me. Let me first say that, this sweater top is literally the softest thing ever! Bought it at forever 21 and have had no regrets ever since. Clearly I’m in love with the black and white combination however, what draws my attention to this look is the very sporty aesthetic and the perforated details along the upper body gives it just that great touch. 
Though there were many way I could style this top, I chose to incorporate some color and wear it with my “pajama looking” plaid shorts for a more laid-back and casual attire. Overall I really enjoyed the way that this look came out as it wasn’t too demure yet, had just the right qualities to still be well put together. 
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Swear My Promises To The Sky

Top- Necessary Clothing (Similar)
Shorts- Forever 21
Boots- Miista from Solestruck
Lace, lace and more lace! I think I’ve officially developed a lace obsession, there are so many lace pieces that are creeping up in my closet and slowly taking over….I cant help myself. 
This white lace top from Necessary Clothing is pure perfection and possibly the lightest and most delicate item I own right now. When I first received it, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d pair it with but now I have so many idea for the summer on how I could style it for a warm weather. For this look, I wanted to incorporate a bit of colour since there’s possibly been a lack of colour on my blog for a minute..soo I wore a plaid pajama looking shorts that’s light and airy with lace detailing along the hem line. 
To be honest, I’m not usually the type to wear shorts like these and I use to think anyone who wears these are pretty lazy but here I am.. eating my words because I’m definitely going to be living in these shorts this Summer because they are literally the most comfortable clothing ever..shorts of my dreams! And if navy blue and red plaid wasn’t enough for me, I then decided to finally debut my forest green boots with lucid heels from my favourite shoes company, Miista. For some reason, in the pictures the shoes came out looking a bit metallic which I absolutely love but the forest green in person looks really beautiful and great for both Summer and Fall. Oh, and in case you’re wondering..these photos were taken on my new roof top 
Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below and I hope you have a great week! 
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Free Falling

Fringe Sweater- Similar
Pants- Forever 21
Boots- Mulder Platform (Karmaloop)
I’ve been wearing a lot of neutrals and soft tones a lot during this month but I decided to switch it up a bit and incorporate a little colour and print..what better way to do this than to wear plaid. To be honest, I’m not quite over plaid yet and I highly doubt I’ll be anytime soon. What I love specifically about this plaid is that, its a bit toned down with dark blue shades contrasting against black. The sweater I’m wearing it is unbelievably warm and cozy…(maybe that explains why for some reason my hands were tucked in the sleeves in most of the pictures). The sweater really reminds me of a dream catcher and has a slight Native American quality to it, which to me is quite cool. It was pretty cold so I obviously had to layer with a blouse underneath the sweater and also wore a thick quilted jacket. I know I haven’t been wearing much of my 6 inch platforms recently, but it’s really because it’s gotten so cold and extremely windy here in New York so I’m surprisingly keeping it safe by wearing mostly my flat boots to save me from the wind. Anywho, I’m off to a ridiculously long day of classes.
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Two Sided Mirror

Jacket- Ann Taylor
Faux Leather Asymmetric Skirt-Romwe
Sweater- Zara
Nothing like a mini faux leather skirt. I wore this outfit around the beginning of November when it wasn’t as cold as it is now. I’m honestly not quite a fan of the asymmetric skirt trend and I literally cringe at the site of the Zara versions that almost everyone and their grandmother owns….lol However, I somehow got drawn to this one from Romwe and decided to actually give it a try. Unfortunately, I overestimated the sizing so it was wayy to big for me, so I solved the problem by just wearing a belt to keep it in place. I wore it with a lightweight sweater tucked into the skirt and my favourite plaid blazer. Of course, I had to fit my hat somewhere in there because hats have literally become to go to when it comes to figuring out what to do with my hair.

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Awake My Soul

Everything Vintage
Cardigan- Necessary Clothing
Shoe- Jeffrey Campbell Teeter

Compared to yesterday’s look…today’s post is a lot different. For today’s look, I’m pretty much looking like a “grunge school girl who’s secretly a badass witch” haha. I mixed both new and vintage pieces together that was able to bring this entire look alive. The lace top I’m wearing, use to be one of my ultimate ‘go-to’ tops back in 2008 I just loved the sheering details across the the shoulder and along the hem line, making it sort of like a pleasant top. Though I don’t usually fancy this type of silhouette in a blouse, something about this one seems much more pleasing to me and adding that sheer sleeve layering underneath just gives it that grungy vibe. The plaid skirt I’m wearing is actually one that I’ve shared here on the blog already (here) but as you can see, I ended up cutting up shorter into a mini skirt. I decided to cut it because it was at an awkward length which caused me to stay away from styling it for a very long time but I love the length now and it allows me to get that knee high fall look going. Hope you like today’s post..feel free to comment down below and tell me what you think.

Helena Beat

Shoes- UNIF Das Boots
Since being back in New York, I’ve been dressing a lot laid back and freakishly different from a usual crazy grunge or hippie inspired looks. Not sure why, I guess at times my style turns a whole 360 at random times. However, I decided to share one of the more casual and laid back looks that I’ve been wearing all week since being back in the big city. I don’t know if you notice, but I rarely wear jeans pants…(fun fact) I actually hate them. Why? well for one, ever since I was younger they’ve given me crazy rashes for some strange reason so as a replacement I basically where imitations or just regular cotton pants. These that I’m wearing are are super comfy and easy to move around in, which is perfect for me because I like my clothes to be comfortable. I changed it up by wearing platforms and a mix of questionable print combinations….come on, what did you expect? you expected to see a 100% normal casual look?
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Pulsating To The Back Beat

Egyptian Print High Neck Crop Top- New Look
Plaid DIY Muscle Shirt
Corduoroy Pants- Uniqlo
Shoes- UNIF Das Boots (Dolls Kill)
Quay Sunglasses- Nasty Gal

I’ve always been the type of person to clash to different prints that perhaps weren’t meant to be together but, I somehow always find a way to make it work. The outfit in the post is a clear example of my little outfit experimentation. A few weeks ago I came across this Europe based online store called New Look  and I wanted to literally buy everything! They have pieces for women and men varying from all different personal style and the prices are super affordable for someone who is working on a budget, plus they’re always having sales. Though I’ll be browsing through and shopping there more often as a first try I bought two high neck crop tops, which is something I’ve been searching for the longest time so when I saw that they carried them with all different styles, I knew that this was going to be my favourite place hahaha. Usually, I’d go for maybe a skater skirt look with this top but, I decided to go with pants and platforms because it was super windy that day and I didn’t really want to deal with having a Maryln Monroe moment. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone can go wrong with wearing pants and platforms.