Mind Mischief

Black and White Scarf- Made by me
Coat- Nasty Gal
Concho Hat- Forever 21
Scully Platform- Jeffrey Campbell
On a cozy day, I like to layer  strategically that will allow me to go ‘pantless’ but still keep as warm as possible. Good thing the day I actually wore this look was warm enough for me to just wear stockings to be paired with my oversized sweater dress and a nice heavy wool coat from Nasty Gal. 
To spark a little interest and as an additional texture, I chose to where this pretty cool black and white scarf that I made in class. The scarf is designed like a sort of shawl so it goes over the head and sits on the shoulders, which makes it easy to pull over and pair with any outift. It works more like an interest piece rather than actually keeping you warm but I think of it as a fun accessory piece.
I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving weekend, I definitely did as I went to Atlanta to visit family and then partake in a little shopping spree but it was all fun and I’m now back in NY, ready to take one the last week of classes. 
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Fresh, classic summer vibing for today’s blog post. 

Shorts- Forever 21
Oversized Vest- H&M
Shoes- Scully Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry- All from Jamaica
All Summer long, I’ve been living in loose fitting lightweight shorts..these just make things a lot easier in terms of walking around in the scorching sun and they are perfect for numerous occasions. 
These ones that I’m wearing, I scored at Forever 21…they have this nice bohemian aesthetic to them that I really love and I knew I had to get it once I saw it. It’s really one of those pieces that I can keep in my closet for other Summer seasons and it’ll still be fresh and timeless. 
I really wanted this look to be clean and slightly simplistic so I paired the shorts with a basic cropped tank top and threw on this awesome oversized vest over the everything to tie the look together. I’m literally obsessed with this vest, I call it the “the lab vest” hahaha but it’s just clean, refreshing and a classic style that can be style with so many things in my closet right now! Of course, I somehow had to incorporate my platforms into this look…I really haven’t been wearing a lot of heals all Summer because I’m always on my feet running around for my internship and on weekends I rather opted for a nice pair of short heeled boots to not put any pressure on my ankles. This day ways an exception because I was heading out to brunch at this really nice place in DUMBO, brooklyn and I thought why not dress up and be a little fancy yet simplistic?! 
Anywhos, I hope you liked this look for today and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below, I read ever single one of them and I’m really thankfully for those who come here on my blog to take time and read I appreciate it! 
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Bug Life

Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Scully
Sunglasses- Zero UV
Just giving a quick post for a great casual friday look. The most intriguing part of this dress is pretty much the nicely detailed crochet patterned down the middle of the back. I remember rushing that day to meet up with some friends and I thought the easiest thing to throw on was a casual little black dress because lets face it…they will never get old. Also, I’m really happy that its sunny again here in New York because wearing sunglasses actually make sense now hahaha. HAPPY FRIDAY!
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Paris Dreams

Eiffel Tower Print Sweatshirt- ROMWE
Dress- Nasty Gal
Socks- Nasty Gal
Shoes- Scully Platforms (Envishoes)
This is pretty much my take on “Christmas Sweater” ha. I know I’ve pretty much featured a whole lot of printed sweatshirts here on my blog but what can I say? I love them! Romwe literally makes the best sweatshirts. This one that I’m wearing has a close up view of the eiffel tower in Paris with which I’d love to see one day…I hope whatever job I get in the industry can lead me to traveling to Paris.  I love pairing my sweatshirts with a collar top or dress, just to give that extra detail and to add layer. For this look, I went for a bit of an ethereal ‘winter white’ inspired look with my white chiffon dress. To top off the look, I wore  my scully platform which I’m warming up to loving a lot more because they look super cute when worn with socks. 
I know I haven’t been posting regularly lately, but I’ve been really busy with finals and having a bunch of sleepless nights so I pretty much get really lazy and too tired to blog, but after next week I’ll be completely free!  Have a great day.
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A Wind In The Shadow

Loving light/cool grey palettes a lot more recently

Turtleneck Sweater – H&M
Blue Faux Leather Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- Scully Platform (Envishoes)
Some about the fall/winter season makes me want to wear a lot of whites and light greys, and I’m not complaining because I absolutely love fresh and calm I look and feel when wearing these colours. I’m not quite sure if the dress I’m wearing is meant to be a top or dress because it fits me like a dress without heels, but as soon as I strap my heels on I have to wear a shorts underneath so I don’t peek-a-boo anyone. I love how cozy and fuzzy the sweater dress is and it’s pretty versatile, as I’m able to pair it with many things. For this look, I wore it with a dark stockings, light grey socks and one of the newest addition to my shoe family. To be honest, on a scale of 1-10, the comfortability of this shoes is like a 5…no joke. It’s like the evil step sister to the mulder platforms, which you’ve probably seen me wear a few times here on my blog. However, I must say that the design and look of this shoes is perfect and somehow reminds me of like a school girl gone bad. I got them during the Black Friday sale along with some other cool stuff at some really great prices!
I have so much going on with finals week and running around to try and get everything finish and submitted on time. I’ll still try my best to post daily and consistently as much as I can for the next two weeks.
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Shoe Lust

From left to right: Amaya by Miista , Fowley by Jeffrey Campbell , Colbalt Blue Velvet Creepers by T.U.K , Amaya in wild orange by Miista , Lost Sole Boot by UNIF , Buckled In by Irregular Choice , Scully Platform by Jeffrey Campbell , Leather Platform Shoes by Choies

So I thought it would be nice that for today, I share a collection of shoes that I’ve been eying for quite sometime. I love chunky boots and shoes that has some type of unique quality to it so I’m always on the look for unique shoe designs on the market. I’ve also been very fond of shoes with prints on it especially the collection of rose print shoes that Miista has produced recently! I mean…it’s amazing 10x and the lucid heels just make them even more perfection. I know the odd one out of this “shoe drool collection is the Colbalt Blue creepers and that’s really because I do need a new creeper because the black one I current have strangely got too big for my feet plus its not velvet! hahaha. I’m really just waiting on the black friday sale so I can scoop some of these up because at fully price, all of these shoes are basically my month rent here in New York..no joke. I probably just get two out of all of these, possibly one of the Amayas (I’m leaning towards getting in the black rose) and the Lost Sole boots (this may seem like an odd choice but I’ve been wanting these wayy before any of these shoes). Let me know what you think in the comments down below and have a happy Friday.

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