Questioning The Exsistents

I’ll always find comfort in wearing black and white…such a great way to put together a classic polished look.

White Cardigan- Similar
Pants- Zara
Amaya Boots- Miista from Solestruck
I shot this look so long ago that I completely forgot about it until now. I’m wearing my favorite white lace crop top with a slightly slouchy fit pants to bring balance to the look. I actually wore this look one day for my internship except, I switched out the shoes for more flat comfy ones since I’d be running around on my feet all day. However, I love the unexpected addition of green boots to this look, as the pop of color brings a little more interest to the beautiful yet simplistic attire of just the black and white.
As you may, or may not know…I’m a fashion designer in the making but I haven’t quite showed that side of me that much here on my blog. For the next few weeks and possibly the rest of the year I’ll be working on a personal project regarding the designer aspect of my life which sadly means..I’ll be cutting down on making daily blogs. Now listen, I’m not quiting! lol “a quitter never wins” but I’m just focusing more on building up my caliber and making that side of me more known that just being “the personal style blogger”. I’ll definitely be sharing my journey here on the blog with possible videos and I’ll still update on the outfits that I wear. So I thank those who have riding with me on this blogging journey thus far and I really can’t wait to show more of my designer side to you all. Hope you had a great weekend!
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Swear My Promises To The Sky

Top- Necessary Clothing (Similar)
Shorts- Forever 21
Boots- Miista from Solestruck
Lace, lace and more lace! I think I’ve officially developed a lace obsession, there are so many lace pieces that are creeping up in my closet and slowly taking over….I cant help myself. 
This white lace top from Necessary Clothing is pure perfection and possibly the lightest and most delicate item I own right now. When I first received it, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d pair it with but now I have so many idea for the summer on how I could style it for a warm weather. For this look, I wanted to incorporate a bit of colour since there’s possibly been a lack of colour on my blog for a minute..soo I wore a plaid pajama looking shorts that’s light and airy with lace detailing along the hem line. 
To be honest, I’m not usually the type to wear shorts like these and I use to think anyone who wears these are pretty lazy but here I am.. eating my words because I’m definitely going to be living in these shorts this Summer because they are literally the most comfortable clothing ever..shorts of my dreams! And if navy blue and red plaid wasn’t enough for me, I then decided to finally debut my forest green boots with lucid heels from my favourite shoes company, Miista. For some reason, in the pictures the shoes came out looking a bit metallic which I absolutely love but the forest green in person looks really beautiful and great for both Summer and Fall. Oh, and in case you’re wondering..these photos were taken on my new roof top 
Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below and I hope you have a great week! 
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Golden Solution

Graphic T-shirt- Chicwish
Skirt- Zara
Shoes- TBA from Solestruck
Rings- Thrift
Needed to give a quick update since I haven’t been able to post in so long. I thought I’d be a bit more able to get back to my regular consistently daily posts but I’ve still pretty much been caught up with loads of projects and sleepless nights…can’t wait for it to be over. Since I’ve been running around so much to classes, my aim in dressing each day is “comfort”. Spending countless hours working and sewing in the studio can be such a drag so I’ve really been leaning towards wearing print graphic tees layered on top of a buttoned down top (usually in neutral colours) and my chunky boots will always do the job of keeping me comfortable while I’m on my feet all day. I’ve always bee very much into statement jewelry and this beautiful ring I managed to scoop up while thrifting one day has quickly been ranked as one of my favourite rings. The green is so bold and the way the gold of the outer area sits so complimentary to the overall aesthetic of the ring. 
I really can’t wait to get back to posting regularly again but I’ll be sure to continue updating my instagram as much as possible. Follow me @marfarlane.
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Head’s In The Cloud…My Gravity Centered

Boots- To Be Announced from Solestruck
Sweater- DIY 
I’m loving everything about this look mainly because of the way I chose to layer two sweaters to create an interesting distressed idea. I basically wore a plain knit forest green sweater as the first layer then I wore my thin olive green sweater on top allowing room for the sweater underneath to show through. I don’t have that  many sweaters so sometimes it gets a bit boring re wearing them over and over so I’m always seeking new way of styling them for a whole entirely different look. I wore my new favourite coat from Sammy Dress which is both very bold and comfy to wear. I love how the colour of the coat blends so well with the shades of green and the huge button details of it ties the overall look together so well. If you’re ever looking for great affordable pieces including bags and accessories, definitely check out Sammy Dress
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Burning Bridges Down…Set Me On Fire

Francis Dress- UNIF (Dolls Kill)
Shoes- To Be Announced (Solestruck)
Yesterday I was in Emerald green, today its all about this knitted dress in a colour rarely seen, tobacco brown. I bought this dress during the black friday sales and I’m not quite sure why I chose this colour over black but, I somehow thought seen it was such a specific and unique colour that I should just take the change with it. Completely satisfied with my decision because I’m so in love with this dress. It’s super cozy and the shredded/destroyed detailing at the hemline, takes it to another level. I wore black shorts underneath since it’s pretty much Winter here in New York. I’m not sure what it is about the day after a snow day because it wasn’t really cold at all…just lots of snow covering everywhere, and clearly the rooftop of my apartment was also covered in snow. For shoes, I wore my current favourite shoe called Gracie by To Be Announced and I remember purchasing a pair of shoes from them earlier this year and ended up returning them like a week after because it was made so poorly, but this time they blew me after this this little number with fringe and gold detailing.
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Half-Past The Moonlight

Sweater Dress- H&M
Eyelet Cardigan- Forever 21
Faux Leather Jacket- Similar
Charcoal Panama Hat- Sole Society
Shoes- Miista (Solestruck)
I’ve always wanted to get a sweater that was long enough to be wore as a dress but never quite got around to finding one that wasn’t too body hugging or long enough. Thankfully, H&M just opened up a flagship store in Time Square and they were having this massive sale  so I picked up a bunch of cozy sweaters that could each be wore for different occasions. I specifically love this red wine colored one because its  at a great length (little about the knee) and it’s one of those sweaters that can easily be dressed up or down with the help of slight tweaking. I ended up having to wear  shorts underneath the sweater because it was a bit cold so, that sort of explains why it’s a little puffy around the upper leg in this post. I also wore my eyelet cardigan to give a more casual feel to the outfit and with my biker jacket I was able to give a lot more depth to the overall look. Sweaters have literally become an essential part of my wardrobe lately because, it’s cold in New York that the only thing I can wear without freezing is a nice chunky sweater. I honestly can’t wait for Christmas to get here so that I can go back to Jamaica in the warmth haha.

Colour Blind

Shorts- Jason WU
Shoes- Deandri Tequila (Solestruck)
Felt Cap with Ears- Zara
There’s always something so classic and beautiful about black and white looks, and whenever I get the opportunity to style a black and white combination… I always get so excited to see the results. For this look, I’ve literally been dying to wear this white cropped top with the black sheer detailing for the longest time but I guess I was waiting for the the perfect timing. I paired this top with my  oversized suade shorts made by Jason WU, that I somehow haven’t worn in a really long time, mainly because it’s more of a fall piece and otherwise I’d probably be burning in the sun if I had worn it in the summer. I really love that it’s cooling down a little here in New York (not too hot, not too cold), because I can finally get to wear a lot more of my hats and sheer stockings and funky printed socks. The hat I’m wearing is actually one of my favorites, it has these cute little ears that I think represents a cat? but those ears seem like it could be anything to me hahaha. I thought it would be really clever to incorporate the hat into this look because it adds that little extra detail that makes this outfit really interesting. I hope you enjoyed this look and thanks for visiting! have a great week.
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High Neck Crop- American Apparel
Distressed Denim Mini Dress- Choies
Shoes- Deandri White Tequilas (Solestruck)
Some days I wake up feeling carefree and want to wear as less clothes as I can without looking sleazy and the day I wore this look was exactly how I felt. I got this really cook cold should denim dress from an online store called choies and I literally didn’t want to take it off at all! What I loved most about it was the fact that it had all these frayed edges of the denim which definitely helped to make this look a little more grunge and edgy. I thought about adding a more pop colour underneath the denim instead of the black but I really wanted the beauty of this dress to shine through. To add to this very light palette, I wore my white Deandri tequilas and paired them with cute white socks, which went perfectly the the whole look. Anyways, New York fashion week is right around the corner and I really can’t wait to go for the third time since being in New York….I’ll try my best to document while I’m there and share them with you here on my blog. Don’t forget you can also get real time updates by following me on Instagram @marfarlane. Have a great week!

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Top- Vintage
Velvet Circle Skirt- Necessary Clothing
Shoes- “Zoe” by Miista (Solestruck)
Sunglasses- Zero UV

Here’s another look into my recent obsession with wearing velvet. This time I decided to incorporate it into my skirt with mesh detailing on my top. I wanted this look to feel light and airy because it was such a bright and sunny day, which is something I really want to enjoy before it starts to get cold here in New York. Already I’m seeing signs of the fall season which I’m not too happy about because it’s been raining a lot. To add a soft and feminine touch to the outfit I changed up my usual grunge accessories and went for a more simplistic approach by wearing my a sentimental bracelet that my father gave me a few birthday’s ago! I LOVE it! Also for those of you asking, I got my hair professionally done in NY at the Napp Star salon in Manhattan please check them out! they’re amazingg and does my hair very close to how my salon in Jamaica does it. Anyways, it’s almost the end of the first week back at school and I have lots more stuff coming on my blog very soon so please be on the look out for that.
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No Excuse To Be Clueless

High Neck Crop Top- American Apparel
Tartan Skirt- Everland Clothing
Shoes- Deandri White Tequila (Solestruck)
The season of crop tops are coming to a close and I basically wanted to do another look that could be a great transition into the fall season, so why not get some inspiration from one of the best 90s chick flicks! “Clueless”. I remember how much I use to have that show on replay and even now…about a week ago I snuggled in bed while watching it. There is soo much inspiration that one can get from that movie and I’ve already been so obsessed with 90s fashion (I’m a 90s babe!), so it’s only natural that I became obsessed with this movie hahaha. I’m wearing Everland Clothing’s tartan skirt which comes in a wide variety of colours but I was really attracted to the mix of purple and yellow plaid, so I gave it a shot. I paired this with a basic high neck crop top which is a very staple summer/fall transition top because you can always throw on the perfect biker jacket and in the summer you can just rock it as is. I’m working on a lot of new stuff for fall that I’m really excited about so thank you all for sticking with me during the summer and I hope you re-visit very soon.
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