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It’s a brand new year and I couldn’t be more excited! I have a lot to look forward to for this year. Main one being that I will be graduating from Design school this coming May and I will move on into growing my career in the Fashion Industry. So to celebrate the new year, I’m sharing this look I wore while being on a mini vacation in Atlanta.

IMG_7529 IMG_7450 IMG_7378

Moment of silence for this perfect sweater from H&M. I’m such a sucker for oversized sweaters and this  black and green one that has really cool embroidered detail on it has to be my favourite one at the moment. Its super chunky and cozy, and I could definitely se myself styling it so many ways.

IMG_7362 IMG_7321 IMG_7532

For this look I kept it pretty laid back with my flared lace and chiffon skirt and olive ankle boots that I’ve been wearing all week mostly because I packed pretty light to come to Atlanta but it is also amazing comfortable and very easy to run around in.IMG_7434

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Black Butterfly (FarFetch Giveaway)


Lately I’ve been taking time off to enjoy the things I love the most, which is focusing on finishing up my Fashion Design degree as well as starting up my very own accessory company which was launched back in early September. I know, I know, a lot has happened since my last post but I will talk about that later on in another post later this week.

To start off the blog I will be hosting I teamed up with Far Fetch for an amazing giveaway to end the new year. I have literally been obessesed with the Far Fetch website and would spend countless hours scrolling through the amazing designer shoes, clothes and bags. So, the fact that they have a new phone app call Discover the Farfetch App, is the icing on the cake for me.

IMG_7021 IMG_7041

This Maison Margiela boots are literally to die for! For all of you who have been following my blog, you’d know that I’m a sucker for ankle boots so the fact that these boots are covered in ombre sequins is like Christmas all over again.

IMG_7203 IMG_7129


My style has evolved a lot compared to my last post but what hasn’t changed one bit is my love for textures. AHH! I was scrolling through the app and came across this oversized boxy No 21 peacoat that had the mix of textured wool and fur trim. Here’s the catch, its a detachable coat which means I can get two coats in one.


IMG_7299 IMG_7243

For this look I’m wearing this freaking cute top that my sister got me from Bali, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s shaped like a butterfly and has these peek-a-boo cut outs which I think is a nice twist. Then for my pants, I had to go with this amazingly comfortable pants from Necessary Clothing that I literally have in every colour because its freakishly comfortable. You can get them here- Dom Jeggings .

IMG_7216 IMG_7139IMG_7261IMG_7312

So here’s the big giveaway that I want all of you to be apart of, Far Fetch is giving away £400/$600 in vouchers for you to shop your favourite item in the store! I mean, how better does it get. Plus, brand new ipad mini will also be given away to the winner.

All you have to do is enter your name and email address below and thats it! The winner will be announced this Thursday December 31st so it gives you a chance to have time to enter. Trust me, this is such a great and simple giveaway and I wish for all of you good luck in winning.

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White Florale

IMG_1094IMG_1115Lace and florals are one of my favourite combinations, perfect for a casual Summer attire.IMG_1136IMG_1086Just sharing another one of these fun looks I did while I was spending time at my sister home in Atlanta. This look for me is very casual but perfect for the outdoors under a bright sunlight. The dress I’m wear is one of my favourites this Summer because its so lightweight and airy but still has a very girlie look to is. I chose to lightly layer it with a white lace top for that extra Summer touch. Since I was running around in the field, I saw it best to wear my comfy flat oxford shoes that I’ve been sporting around a lot in… it was perfect for that day and also all casual occasions. Let me know what you think of this look and tell me what you would wear for a casual Summer day outdoors.

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Nature Visions



I love being outdoors when the air is fresh and grass is green. It brings me such a sense of comfort and joy….a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything.IMG_1013




IMG_1001So I’ve been wanting to make this post for awhile, but kept delaying it. Back when I was visiting my sister in Atlanta around a few weeks ago, all I wanted to really do was be outside and take in all the fresh air I could get before I flew back to New York. While shooting this particular look, a wild deer ran up right across from be and I got so excited and had hoped that the camera had caught the action but sadly it didn’t. It’s these little things that I don’t get to see that very often that make me want to get away from New York more often to explore other cities and lifestyle.

Since I wasn’t doing too much on this day, I wore a pretty casual look with my silver sweater top that got got months ago and have no clue how it got into my closet! Thankfully had holes all over it to keep me cool and I paired it with a loose fitting baggy pant, then finished off the look with my favourite printed cardigan that I’ve neglected for many months until now. I’ve been really pushing towards wearing more comfortable clothing that doesn’t take too much time to put together but is still very fashionable and practical…yes yes I know fashion and practical shouldn’t really be in one sentence but for me, it works.

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Print Mix

IMG_1145IMG_1183There I go, playing around with the prints again. This is probably by far one of my favourite print combinations…because they are so entirely different from one another but the compliments of the black and white ties altogether perfectly. IMG_1144 IMG_1169 IMG_1161 IMG_1171 IMG_1177IMG_1157

Top- H&M / Shorts- Forever 21 / Bracelet- Rocksbox

I took these photos out in Atlanta, when I went for a quick weekend visit. The weather was absolutely perfect so I definitely took advantage of it. This look is a typical day time attire that I wore for a little family outing, I wanted to be playful and have fun with my styling but fight my way around the scorching sun.

The top I’m wearing is one that was able to be worn in the Winter and keep me super warm but now in the Summer I can still wear it and feel extra cool and comfortable (its probably one of my top five favourite items). As for the little cutesy short, the fabric is so lightweight that it blows perfectly in the wind and I was able to run around free as a bird all day without any restrictions. I pretty much kept the styling very minimal because there was already a lot going on with the print mixture that I really didnt want to take away from that so I just wore my green combats for the muddy ground and accesorized with this cute bracelet from Rocksbox and my ultimate favourite sunglasses at the moment.

Ps. I made a little vid for this look…it not the most perfect quality  because family members tend to have very shakey hands but nevertheless I wanted to share with you.

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IMG_0906I love living in Brooklyn, where I’m able to roam the streets of Williamsburg on the weekends with awesome friends full of laughter and carefree… The fact that my friend and I basically went restaurant hoping for around 30 mins, simply because there were so many options to decide from and we’re both oh so indecisive. IMG_0893During our restaurant contemplation, we stopped by the Brooklyn Flea, which was full of cool things, mostly vintage items perfect for the Brooklyn stereotype.IMG_0918 IMG_0924 IMG_0898Some cute vintage Hawaiian shirt that kind reminded me of being back in Jamaica.


Dress & Shoes- Forever 21

Overall it was a pretty great day spent in Williamsburg. It was super hot which is why this oversized A-line dress fit perfectly for the occasion, as I was able to keep very cool and comfortable. The embroidery on the dress is my favourite part about it because it gives such a Baroque feeling, contrasting against the darkness of the dress. 

I kept it pretty simply, and just an awesome silver necklace made out of tiny little spoons and flat loafers from Forever 21 kept me extra comfortable since we were walking around a whole lot. If you would like to keep up with more of my daily outing and what I’m wearing, you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat at :@marfarlane

Face The Sun

IMG_0867 IMG_0821On a hot Summer day, wearing denim seems to always go unsaid. It keeps me cool and comfy, while beaming a Summer vibe. So when a good friend of mine texts me to hang out, the quickest thing I could pull together was this light denim top with the perfect pant combination.IMG_0850 IMG_0810 IMG_0788 IMG_0785 IMG_0883 IMG_0805 IMG_0793

Top- Forever 21| Plaid Trousers- H&M (similar)| Shoes- Dr Martens |Sunglasses- Dior Technologic (similar here)

It’s very rare I find a denim anything that I’d actually like so when I stumbled upon this loose fitting denim shirt one day while online shopping, I think I surprized myself when I placed it in the cart and went through the whole nine of purchasing it. I’m definitely happy I made that choice because this shirt definitely came in handy. The loose boxy fit gives a sense of airiness, plus it’s a light wash making it very easy to style with other pieces as well as oozing a feeling of Summer.

I paired it with my black and white plaid trousers that I’ve previously style a few times here on the blog but, this time around I styled it was the “pop piece” in this look to compliment the simplicity of the top and of course, I took my new Dr Martens heeled boot out for a spin for the first time since receiving them. I have to say it’s a pretty comfortable boot, the total opposite of what I expected it to be. These boots are really great for summer being part sandal, part boot… and it s sort of bondage quality gives it such a nice edge. To finish of the look, I chose to accesorize with a slightly statement necklace and one of my favourite pair of sunnies for the Summer. Cheers to a wonderful start to the week.

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Rocksbox X The Style Alien

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

I got really excited when this package came in the mail because I didn’t know what kind of jewelry exactly to expect inside. IMG_0507This scarf is literally my favourite. It was given to me by my mother and its like the perfect combination of a statement jewelry and a scarf.IMG_0668

IMG_0701SURPRIZE! IMG_0670So Rocksbox is a company that, I really admire their concept and basically what it is, they send their members highly curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time. They base the jewelry that they send to you on a quick survey just to get a bit of an idea of your aesthetic and style and their designers put together a personalized box of jewelry just for you.IMG_0671 IMG_0672Today I’ve partnered with Rocksbox to give all you readers an unlimited code that gives you the first month free when you join Rocksbox. I’d love for you all to enjoy this curated surprize like I did so use this code: (marfarlanexoxo). Thanks so much and have a wonderful day.

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Adorn Fringe

IMG_0757 IMG_0717

Fun Summer days in the city sometime calls for a fringe number to spice up your Summer wardrobe. In my case, I just wanted to feel free and flirty.IMG_0758 IMG_0720

I love sharing my more casual looks, where you can get a look at outfits I choose to wear on a daily basis for a more comfort touch and practical for the weather.IMG_0740 IMG_0677 IMG_0737

Sequined Fringe Top- Forever21 | Pants- Similar | Boots- Jeffrey Campbell

There’s something about this top that I absolutely can’t get over because I’m so in love with the feel and look of it. It has these adorable assembled sequins in an abstract shaped heart, which I find to be very fun for a Summer look. I’m generally not the type to be a fan of sequins but the fact that it’s not completely covering the entire top gives it a pass. The wide shape of the top makes it very drapey and gives an awesome loose fit.

What would the scorching hot Summer be without spaghetti strap tops and dresses because this one surely saved my life from melting in the sun. I paired it with a loose fitting trousers that I practically live in. I probably wear these trousers at least once a week, pairing it with different ideas and just having fun with it. It’s literally one of those pieces that you can wear endlessly and always find unique ways to style it while still remaining comfortable. To finish off the look, I accessorized with my awesome vintage fork neckline (yes it is made of a real fork) and my iridescent oil slick Jeffrey Campbells that I took out for play…I almost forgot I had it until I found it one day while organizing the shoes in my closet. 


Light Me Up


Just another casual day, chilling by a nearby park in Manhattan after my gym day. With a grey colour palette, Summer never really felt so good.IMG_0566 IMG_0563 IMG_0598 IMG_0593 IMG_0518 IMG_0573 IMG_0665 IMG_0615 IMG_0652

Fringe Top- Necessary Clothing | Pants- Forever 21 | Ivy Boots- Miista | Jewelry- Vintage

Finally so happy to share this look here on the blog because I am literally obsessed with this fringe top that I brought about a month ago while store gazing in Necessary Clothing in Soho, NY. The texture of this top is unbelievably soft and so comfortable that I wish I could literally wear it everyday. But since I can’t necessarily do that, I’ve already styled it in so many ways, and will probably be one of my go-to tops for this summer. I really love that the fringe placement on the top is in a different place than the usual hem line placement and the fact that its a very loose fitting top, makes for extra ease and comfort.

For this look in particular, I decided to go with pairing this fringe top with lighter grey pant that has have really cool seam detailing going on and of course my Miista floral boots came in handy when it came to finding a pair of shoes to go with this look. Let me know in the comments below how you would style this look and I can’t wait to share more fun stuff with you soon.

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