Plaid Heavens

Wear Winter white with a pop of red and navy blue blue for an airy Winter attire.

 Sweater- UNIF

 Dress- Forever 21

 Coat- Similar

 So after a super long break, I’ve finally come back to my usual full time blogging. If you follow me on

Instagram, you’d see that I have been all over the place visiting family for the holidays and also in the
midst of completing a personal collection for my portfolio.
Its been hectic for sure but I definitely missed blogging. I back from the warmth of Jamaica and smacked
in the middle of this crazy Winter in New York. This look is one of the first I wore thus far since being
back and its a been of a clean almost all white look for the dramatics of blending in with that pure white
of the snow.
I’m wearing my cozy UNIF  sweater from last season, layered on top of this beautiful lacey dress and tons
of other unseen layers underneath that actually allowed me to weather this look without freezing
completely to death. I added the touch of the plaid as an extra layer for warmth and also to give the look
a bit of colour.
I can’t wait to share a lot of Winter looks and I hope where ever in the world you are, keep warm!
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Fall Essentials: 2014/2015

1. Mohair Coat- Nasty Gal
2. Oversized Neoprene Jacket- Forever 21
3. Grey Raglan Coat- Zara
4. Grey Ribbed Sweater- Zara
5. Double Zipped Sweater- Forever 21
6. Matte Leather Jacket- Similar
7. Effiel Towel Sweatshirt- Romwe
8. Oversized Leather Vest- H&M
9. Plaid Coat- Zara
10. Distressed Sweater- UNIF
At any giving time, you’ll definitely find me wearing on of these pieces for this fall. Aside from it being unbearably cold here in NY, I actually like dressing up in coats and sweaters…it gives me a sense of warmth and comfort. I just wanted to share this quick post with you on my top 10 items for this fall, some of which you’ve probably already seen me wear here on the blog. 
Hope today is a great start to your week and I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow!
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Playing with earthiness for a nice comfy Fall look.
TurtleNeck Sweater- Forever 21
Draped Jersey Top- Necessary Clothing (Similiar)
Shearling Vest- Similar
Das Boots- UNIF
Necklace- Handmade in Jamaica

Sharing this quick post of a look I wore some weeks ago that I absolutely loved. I was back to wearing my 6 inch platforms and plying light layers for a cozy look. Earth tones always look so warm and inviting to me so I suppose that’s why I naturally fell in love with this combination.

Since it was a bit chilly outside, I wore my turtle neck sweater and layered it with this beautiful draped tunic top that had a cool knot in the front. I usually always go for structured pieces so this tunic top was a pleasant change for me. Every since I bought it, I’ve been pairing it so many ways…who knew it could be this versatile. To complete the look I threw on some comfy black pants from Zara and the most comfortable vest ever! I chose to style the overall look with complimentary jewelry and my Das Boots from UNIF for a slightly edgy vibe.

Have an awesome weekend!

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Whispering Tears

Dress- Forever 21
Platform Boots- UNIF
Lace Bralette- Express

My UNIF Hellbounds have resurrected! hahaha, I remember when I just had started out blogging and all I wore were 6 in platform boots like the shoes I’m wearing in this post…and not that I’ve outgrown these type of shoes but my personal style has evolved so much that I’m more set on a different approach towards my style. All Summer long I’ve been wearing lots of peasant dresses, both short and long why? well for one, they are extremely easy to wear and super comfortable for warm days. I’m wearing this very feminine one from Forever 21 that I’ve literally had in my closet for months before Summer so I was really excited that I got the chance to take it for a spin. What intrigued me about this particular dress was the really low cut back, which I’m really not use to wearing. I was a little terrified and sceptic about it in the beginning but I think I’ve grown to be so comfortable with my body that I’m frankly not afraid of showing that much skin but I know where to cross the line.
It’s one of those carefree dresses that I wore with a white lace bralette underneath just to add a touch of a different texture (I’ve also been obsessed with lace). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don’t party too hard! or maybe you should….live a little.
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King and Tigerheart

Shorts- Similar
Shoes- UNIF
Bag- Nasty Gal
Serving a semi all white look today. When I received this white top with an art pop inspired tiger print all over, I was dying to wear it instantly mainly because the pop of colour against the white is pure perfection. I then paired the top with a loose fitting shorts that I’ll possibly be wearing a whole lot this summer because it brings such a light airy vibe and is super comfortable. I wore this look one day when I was strolling around Soho…funny enough it rained exactly after I was finish shooting this look. 
Its so warm now in New York, all I want to wear these days are loose lightweight dresses that hangs from my body so I’ll share some of those looks with you soon. 
So far my summer has been going good, I’ve been hanging out with friends mostly and just exploring New York like never before. Sadly its raining and ugly today so I may just stay in bed and watch movies hahaha. 
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Broken Bells

Casual spring day.

Sweater- H&M
Skirt- AMI Clubwear
Scarf- Vintage
Shoes- UNIF Holy Grail
Evil Eye Ring- Michal Golan

What I love most about spring is that, you can mix both warm and cool colours and it’ll still portray a great look. Since the Spring season started, I’ve been trying my best to stay away from all black looks…mainly because we had such a long and miserable Winter here in New York and all I wore then was all black from head-to-toe. So, incorporating for colours for this season shall be my main aim. 
For this look, I kept it pretty casual in a lightweight pull over sweater by H&M. I don’t typically like wearing too much florals but the great thing about the florals on this sweater is that its not really overbearing and the placement hits in just the right spots. Since this look could have quickly turned into and black and white combo, I added a bold element of surprise by wearing this lovely vintage scarf that I’ve had since forever. Right now I’m in the middle of packing all my things in boxes and it’s so funny how I found so many things in my closet that I thought I had lost forever. This scarf happens to be one that I thought I had lost…well, it reapppeared one day and I knew I had to incorporate it in my look somehow before it turned into Summer and got too hot to wear. 
For accessories, I decided to go with a bold statement necklace, possibly one of my favourite necklace of all time…mainly because there is so much history and a whole backstory on how I even got the necklace in the first place (good time in Jamaica). I’m also wearing one of my newest edition to my jewelry family, Michal Golan’s evil eye pendant ring. I’ll give more details on the brand on a post coming up later on this week so stay tuned for that.


Sporting a very casual look on a Spring day

Trapeze Cami- Express
Boots- UNIF

On spring day when I wake up feeling lazy especially Monday morning, I like to wear an outfit that is easy and doesn’t take up too much time. Firstly, black and white is always my first instinct, its classic, does the job and a great combo. For this look, I wore a beautiful white trapeze cami from Express which I really love because its lightweight and great for hot days plus the embroidery detail on the hem is just pure perfection. Since it was a little windy, it only seemed right to paired a long sleeve buttoned up top and treat it as a cardigan for a more casual look. I opted for pants and boots because surprizingly I didn’t feel like being in a skirt (I’m always wearing a skirt). I could see myself pairing this Express top with so many things this Spring so I’ll be sure to share those looks with you when the time come.
Hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you nothing but good things for this week.
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The Scent Of Magic

Top- Express
Pants- Zara
Shoe- UNIF

Giving a slightly business casual for today’s post. This is a look a wore awhile back when I was heading out for lunch with some friends and I wasn’t really going to post this look on here as I feel there was nothing much to it but later decided because I love how easygoing and laidback this outfit is. I’ve been wearing a lot of cami tops lately since it’s been much warmer here in the city, I feel as if they’re the perfect type of tops to wear when you just need to get dress quickly and go and they’re lightweight so it’s definitely essential for this Spring/Summer season. With a baggy trouser and and my favourite UNIF boots, I was able to whip this look together feeling very comfortable all day.



Spring Love

Dress- Forever 21
Bag- Nasty Gal
Sandals- Nasty Gal

Showing a much softer and feminine side on me for the first post of the week. Lately, I’ve been really into wearing off-white and a more softer palette since this Spring season start. I love this look because it’s a very elegant look but still casual enough for a perfect transition from day to night time. I scooped this dress up a few weeks back while browsing through Forever 21 and I really didn’t think I’d find anything in there because majority their clothes have been pure florals which I know my closet didn’t need anymore of. I though the little lace details that were added to this dress just made it sheer perfection because it was just the right amount of lace otherwise, it would have probably end up looking cheap. Since it was a bit breezy that day, I paired a simple white cardigan over the dress which made a great compliment to the off white of the dress.
I have lots more great Spring/Summer inspired looks coming up later this week and I’m pretty excited to share them here!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter/spring break, mine was mainly filled with catching up on class assignments with a tad bit of fun time. Have an amazing day

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Skirt- Zara
I did a quick snap of this look awhile back when it was a colder here in New York and completely forgot to share it here on the blog. The styling of this look is a bit of a preppy school girl vibe. I wanted to play with layering of different textures so I paired a classic buttoned-down shirt underneath a light weight graphic t-shirt. Might I add, this t-shirt is one of my favourites…mainly because the it presents a very dark aura but still has a light fresh vibe to it.  Not so much of a spring look however, I thought why not share it.
Hope you have a great day! I’m off to visit some galleries here in Manhattan.
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