See It Through

A whole lot of monochromatic layers for a super cold day.
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IMG_8092 IMG_8088
 I like to have fun with my outfits and sometimes in the Winter, it’s so easy to blend in with the crowd because this time of the year most people are wearing all black with a down jacket or one of those eskimo coats. Not that I find anything wrong with this but, personally for me I like to see how I can bend that trend and still be able to keep warm.

 Here it looks like I’m wearing two layers but in reality, I have a thousand layers underneath my sweater.The Heattech from Uniqlo has been doing wonders for me and I recommend it to anyone comfortable and warm as possible in the Winter. For a fun monochromatic look, I paired my plaid coat from Zara, with this similar plaid sweater and a black and white scarf for an extra added touch.

 I like to wear pants during the Winter months, so I wore these thick ones from Zara that I have to try and stop myself from wearing everyday….can’t get enough of it.

Forget About Everything & Runway

I totally decided last minute to change my mind and post this look from a shoot I did about a month ago. I was a little hesitant in posting, mainly because there wasn’t much to the overall look and the pictures were shot at a completely spontaneous moment as a slight experimental shoot.

Around 5 hours before class, my friend and I were chilling on the rooftop of my apartment and we thought it would be kind of cool to just fool around with the lighting, angles and just experimenting overall with the camera. Hence, these were the photos that resulted of that. Just me playing around..and the usual indecisiveness when it comes to deciding what to do with my hair especially since it was pretty hot when this look was shot.

I was heading into the city for my afternoon class so, a simple button up white blouse with baggy trousers was my quick go-to instinct. It’s simple and easy for times when it comes to wanting to “dress down”. I went slightly minimalistic when it came on to accessorizing by just where silver accents to compliment to black and white “uniform” attire. I hope you all have a great start to the week and thanks for visiting!

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Somewhere Between Psychotic and Iconic

Blouse- Uniqlo (similar)
Black and White Floral Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Oxfords
Body Chain- Similar
Rings- Vintage
I’ve been taking a much need break from being in front of camera, just to figure out somethings regarding my career, school and lifestyle. However, I thought it was about time I posted this look I wore about three weeks ago before going to the Brooklyn flea market on Saturday afternoon. If you never knew this about me before, I’ll be the first to tell you that I love vintage shopping whether it be at a flea market or from thrift store. Just the idea of purchasing an item that has become exclusive and unique to its buyer is such an awesome concept to me…I’ll try to snap a collection of pictures whenever I get go to thrifting again.
I wore a black button up collared blouse that I snatched from Uniqlo (the cotton is to die for soft!), what’s strange is that I almost never shop for anything in Uniqlo mainly because it’s not quite my aesthetic. However, I went in there with a friend and came out with this blouse. As per usual, I tucked the blouse into a floral mini skirt, for a bit of a preppy attire. Since the black of the blouse was a tad bit flat photographic wise, I chose to wear my favorite body chain for depth and more interest in what could easily be a plain outfit.
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Possibly one of the coldest days in New York thus far.

Houndstooth Coat- Forever 21
Faux Leather Vest-  Similar
Pants- Uniqlo
Moon Charm Necklace- Hunter Gatherer
Choker- Similar
Channeling a little retro vibe mixed with my grungy side. It was freeeezing on the day I snapped this outfit but I was wearing a lot of layers, even on top on this black and white houndstooth coat. I’m almost in love with any clothing item that has some type of textile detail to it so naturally, when I saw this duo tone textile pattern, I fell in love instantly. I’m not quite a big fan of the 80’s however, I give a massive pass for this coat because not only is its houndstooth retro inspired design strikingly beautiful but, the fact that it’s oversized makes it pure perfection for this Winter. Underneath the coat, I wore  a black sweatshirt with a faux leather biker vest to add a little more depth and oomph to this overall look.   I opted to wear my oxfords and pants mainly because it was honestly way too cold to even consider wearing anything else without the possibility of freezing my ass off.
I’m glad Monday is finally here because I literally couldn’t be more excited for this week to end because I get to see my sisters for Thanksgiving, too bad it’s just as cold as New York there. Thanks for visiting and I have a lot more looks this week and a giveaway coming up very soon.
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Pulsating To The Back Beat

Egyptian Print High Neck Crop Top- New Look
Plaid DIY Muscle Shirt
Corduoroy Pants- Uniqlo
Shoes- UNIF Das Boots (Dolls Kill)
Quay Sunglasses- Nasty Gal

I’ve always been the type of person to clash to different prints that perhaps weren’t meant to be together but, I somehow always find a way to make it work. The outfit in the post is a clear example of my little outfit experimentation. A few weeks ago I came across this Europe based online store called New Look  and I wanted to literally buy everything! They have pieces for women and men varying from all different personal style and the prices are super affordable for someone who is working on a budget, plus they’re always having sales. Though I’ll be browsing through and shopping there more often as a first try I bought two high neck crop tops, which is something I’ve been searching for the longest time so when I saw that they carried them with all different styles, I knew that this was going to be my favourite place hahaha. Usually, I’d go for maybe a skater skirt look with this top but, I decided to go with pants and platforms because it was super windy that day and I didn’t really want to deal with having a Maryln Monroe moment. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone can go wrong with wearing pants and platforms.

All The Colours We Aim For…Float Through My Head

Red Top- Unknown
Tribal Print Cardigan- Everly
Corduroy Pants- Uniqlo
This is a post capturing a more laid back casual look for me. I remember waking up not feeling like leaving my apartment but I had to go to my internship…therefore, I had to find something to wear. So I grabbed two extremely bright colours and collided them together to form this bold pop of color against the darkness of my pant. Sometimes I love to wear bold colours like red and as a bit of a change up palette to my outfits. It’s kind of unexpected but I think that’s what I like the most about it also, I really like the very Urban quality of this outfit which I give thanks to one of my favourite cardigans. I kept it pretty simple with the shoes by wearing flats and the excessive amount of jewelry I have on, is just a signature that I can’t force myself out of. Hope this outfit was able to brighten up your day and thanks for visiting!
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Living In A Quirky World

Top- SUNO x Uniqlo
Transparent Choker-Shop Lock Hart
Draped Chain- GUESS
Happy Monday everyone! hope you all had a great weekend…I certainly had a fulfilling one, between going thrift shopping for the first time in Brooklyn and meeting up with some old friends from back home in Jamaica. The outfit is above is one I wore the day I went thrift shopping. I woke up feeling like  one of the Spice Girls obviously hahaha, I know my hair is a little different from what your use to seeing but, I wanted to sort of experiment a little and try out different styles so I did this playful Mickey Mousesque hairstyle by just wrapping two small buns at both sides of my head. I wanted to do my whole hair like that but I have really thick hair and there was no way I could get my hair to cooperate with me. As for the outfit, I went a little softer and a tad bit quirky. I’ve been wanted to hair this top on my blog for the longest time but somehow it’s always being left out, It’s one of the pieces from the SUNO x Uniqlo collaboration and I can’t begin to express how much I love this top. I love how they mixed vertical pin stripes with these small beach sand like/leaf motif…it’s so cool to me personally and I know I’m going to have a blast styling it. I decided to pair it with another amazing piece, this cutesy asymmetric denim skirt. Overall, I enjoyed doing the shoot for this look and wearing the outfit was very fun too and very different from the looks I usually wear.
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Deep In My Scarecrow Dreams

Striped Tank- Vintage
Long Sleeve Sheer Blouse- Forever 21
High Waisted Corduroy Pants- Uniqlo
Sunglasses- Zero UV
Belt- Vintage
I went digging and poking around my closet and found this green corduroy pants which I totally forgot about because it somehow got lost while I was moving but thankfully some of my stuff are beginning to resurface slowly. I really wanted to build a comfortable vintage vibe in this outfit but in a simplistic way. I absolutely loved how the dark green pant went so well against this black and white striped tank. The tank I’m wearing is actually one of the pieces I’ve probably had the longest in my closest for and I decided to layer it on top of my black high neck cropped top so that I wouldn’t have to deal with boobies flashing everywhere.  I added the long sleeved blouse as a sheer detail and treated it more like a light weight sheer jacket which is good for the summer time if you want to wear a jacket but not get sweaty and hot. It’s really cool how the pale nude tone of the blouse brought a pop to the black and white stripes of the tank and complimented the pant so well. There is something about high waisted pants that I will always have a soft spot for, and I mostly love when it’s styled in an effortless and simplistic way. I’ve had to improvise and do a lot more experimenting with my styling lately because only I would shrink all my clothes in the dryer! hahaha, but no worries I think I have it all figure out. Maybe.
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