Somewhere Between Psychotic and Iconic

Blouse- Uniqlo (similar)
Black and White Floral Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Oxfords
Body Chain- Similar
Rings- Vintage
I’ve been taking a much need break from being in front of camera, just to figure out somethings regarding my career, school and lifestyle. However, I thought it was about time I posted this look I wore about three weeks ago before going to the Brooklyn flea market on Saturday afternoon. If you never knew this about me before, I’ll be the first to tell you that I love vintage shopping whether it be at a flea market or from thrift store. Just the idea of purchasing an item that has become exclusive and unique to its buyer is such an awesome concept to me…I’ll try to snap a collection of pictures whenever I get go to thrifting again.
I wore a black button up collared blouse that I snatched from Uniqlo (the cotton is to die for soft!), what’s strange is that I almost never shop for anything in Uniqlo mainly because it’s not quite my aesthetic. However, I went in there with a friend and came out with this blouse. As per usual, I tucked the blouse into a floral mini skirt, for a bit of a preppy attire. Since the black of the blouse was a tad bit flat photographic wise, I chose to wear my favorite body chain for depth and more interest in what could easily be a plain outfit.
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Search & Destroy (Style Alien x 9th & Elm)

“Handmade and Independent Fashion Designers”-

The beauty about Brooklyn, is that you can find a great photography composition sitting right there waiting for you at any giving time. While waking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn one Saturday, I stumbled upon a stranded car that recently exploded. The imagine was so good that many photographers stopped by to snap a shot of it whilst I on the other hand, saw it as an opportunity to shoot this collaboration post with the online store 9th Elm.
“Free Spirit Top”- 9th & Elm
Pants- Zara
Hat- Tilly’s
Necklace- Vintage

If I’d have to describe this look, it would be a merge between tom boyish girl and a bohemian lover. Every now and then, I like to put on a good pair of pants even during the Summer and these pair are my favorite that I scooped up during Zara’s mid year sale that they have going on right now.They could almost pass for harlem pants but still makes for that pants that’s perfect for almost any occasion depending on how its styled. 
I decided that I’d pair it this time around with this awesome  sunflower crochet top that I received a few weeks ago from 9th & Elm…they’re perfect! I’ve literally been obsessing over creams, white, lace and crochet all Summer so it may come as no surprise that I absolutely love this top. To give some contrast to the cream of the top, I added my brown panama hat which complimented the look pretty well and also shield me from the scorching sun of that Saturday. 
Check out 9th & Elms for yourself, they have such a wide variety of things all at an affordable price. Plus, whats so unique about them is that most of what they sell are handmade products from independent designers! how awesome is that. 
Hope you had a lovely start to your week, I have lots coming up for this week 🙂
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Sippin On Sunshine

Chiffon Blouse- Vintage
Turtleneck Top- Forever 21
Skirt- H&M
Bag- Nasty Gal
Sunglasses-Zero UV
Oh how I missed wearing this reflector sunglasses on warm sunny days. Though the weather has been pretty much up and down here in New York, the day I wore this look was surprizingly really nice sunny day! I got so excited that I had to walk around the area and snap some pictures as well.
So for today on the blog, I’m giving a pink and black ensemble with a touch of green/blue shades. I’m not quite sure what possessed me to actually wear pink but sometimes it’s good to switch things up a bit so, I kind of just went with the flow and didn’t really question it too much. 
This was just a pretty quick post before a head out to my classes for today, I have three more weeks left of school and I couldn’t be more happy!
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Top- Zara
Kimono- Nasty Gal
Cowboy Fringe Vest- Vintage
Shoes- Creepers
Sunglasses- Zero UV
Wore this look when it was really nice and sunny out and what better way to celebrate that than to wear a nice flowy kimono. Black and white combinations are always very classic and adding a bit of print is always a great surprize element and can elevate a simplistic look is no time. For this look, I combined a white texture cropped top from Zara with a high waisted fitted pants for a more modern retro inspired look. By adding the a bohemian inspired kimono and a slight pop of colour in my cowboy vest, I was able to transform the look to give more depth and appeal. Its been awhile since I’ve shot a look with me wearing my sunglasses but now that its getting a bit more sunny, I’m happy to share more looks incorporating sunglasses. I hope your week is going good so far and thanks for visiting!
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Paint A Picture Of A Perfect Place

Cape- H&M
Shorts- Zara
Top- Nasty Gal
Blazer- Vintage
Necklace & Earring- Nasty Gal

Sunny but still a cold day. When I had put this look together, I never really thought that this slightly odd tobacco brown colour would pair well against the pale pink of my top. It’s not quite the colour palette that I’d wear on a regular basis however, I think the combination of the two came out quite lovely. I’ve had this blazer for such a long time and it suddenly reappeared in my closet out of nowhere so, naturally I had to put it to good use and layering it under a big coat…or like in this post where I layered in under a black cape. It’s friday and I’m so happy this stressful week of classes is finally over so I can relax and rejuvenate for this weekend…maybe visit a few galleries around the area. I wish you all a great weekend and thanks so much for all the positive comments!
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Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Blouse- H&M
Burn-out Velvet Kimono- Forever 21
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane 
Tobacco Brown Vest- Vintage
Pants- Zara
Casual Friday look for an extremely cold day in New York. I think is probably the first time in a very long time I’m sharing a post with me in a scarf…but trust me, there was no way I was going outside without some type of scarf. I also wore a thick coat along with this ensemble. I can’t wait to go back to the warmth of Jamaica in the next two weeks. In this post, I’m wearing a lot of loose fitting pieces that makes this look very laid back and comfy for navigating back and forth to classes. I love days like these when I can slip into something very airy and loose, but still feel very pulled together.  
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To Kill A Mockingbird

Oh how I love black and white ensembles…

Chunky Knit Sweater- Vintage
Skirt- Chic Wish
Beanie- Zara
Shoes- Creepers (T.U.K)
Wore this look on possibly one of the coldest days here in New York so far..and would you believe me if I said that this white chunky knit sweater kept me so warm its amazinggg. This sweater was actually something my mother gave me when I first moved to New York last year and its’s literally helped me through the grave transition from fall to winter. I love how crisp the white of the sweater is and how much of a warm fuzzy feeling it gives. I’ve worn this sweater with a collared top layered underneath, with pants, shorts and even a maxi dress. It’s pretty versatile and thats why I love it so much.  For this post, I wore it with a a black slighted flared mini skirt and black stockings with my beloved creepers.
I have been wearing hats a whole lot these past few weeks so be prepared to see back to back posts with me having a hat glued to my head hahaha. Oh and the title of the post has nothing to do with killing animals…and everything to do with a 1960s fiction novel that I had to read in high school.
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Top- Vintage
Flared Skirt- Romwe
Hat- Zara
Boots- H&M
Possibly the worst day to wear a mini flared skirt and a hat. It was super windy when I wore this look, not to mention cold! and typical me decided to shoot on the rooftop of my apartment. This look is pretty much what I’d wear on a normal day around the city and there’s no going wrong when it really comes to wearing black and white. Technically, I was wearing my thick woolen coat over this look since it was so cold and my skirt was pretty much flying everywhere. I usually like to go for very feminine rocker-esque looks, where I can pair my moto jackets with a girly touch of something as simple as the super flared babydoll skirt because it makes a look ten times more fun and is a perfect look for both day and night time. To make this look a lot more casual, I went with wearing my lace-up combat boots  with cute checkered hosiery that you can get pretty much get in any clothing store, like forever 21 or even ebay. Anyways, I had a well rested weekend and I think I’m ready to tackle this week. All the best to you all!
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Barely Breathing

Geometric Top- Forever 21
Jacket- Vintage
Scarf- Jamaica
Faux Leather Pants- Daily Look
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Primus Black Box (Tilted Sole)
The more it gets colder here in New York, is the more I find myself packing on layers of my tops and basically wearing them as cardigans. This look is an example of typically how I layer with the buttoned tops in my closet. If you don’t already know this about me, I rather wear very light airy clothes because I easily feel suffocated when I’m under too much heavy layers especially when it gets deep into the winter season. So to work around that, I simply decide the based top that I want to wear then find a blouse that can be opened with buttons and wear that as a cardigan. I’ll just throw on a jacket over everything just to reassure my warmth. I wore a very light scarf in this look and the scarf I’m wearing is actually really cool because it’s like a necklace as well! Anyways, I’m super happy it’s friday and I can finally get some well needed rest from all the midterms this week. Hope you all go out and have some fun!
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Gone With The Wind

Hat- Zara
Bag- Vintage
I really wasn’t planning on sharing this look because I thought it was a bit on the boring side and pretty much one of the looks I wear when extremely tired and just feel like dressing very laid-back/casual. I wore this outfit about three weeks ago before it got cold in New York and I remember clearly I didn’t want to come out of bed that day so I threw on the easiest thing that I could find to pretty much get me through the day. What I’m wearing is a basic long sleeve top from Necessary Clothing with a light layering of one of my favourite cardigans. I opted for jeans and combat boots this time around which is something I don’t quite pair together that often but I guess it’s a good way to mix things up a bit. I’ll be back to my regular postings tomorrow.
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