Sunny Winter

 Just another day in Brooklyn.
Sweater- Forever 21
Skirt- Zara
Can I first express how obsessed I am with this tribal inspired sweater! I bought it during the Black Friday sales at Forever 21 and can’t stop wearing it. Surprisingly, I found it in the mens section  (I shopboth male and female clothes sometimes) and just bought the smallest size that could fit me
perfectly…even though its still a little big.
The quality is pretty great and its super thick and cozy even though in this post I layered it with a
blouse underneath because New York’s weather switches easily from being warm to cold and cold to
warm. As you can see, it was a beautiful sunny day and which allowed me to wear my neoprene skirt
and stockings . However, for safety of the wind and an additional layer…I wore an oversized coat which
is an item I’ve been wearing a whole lot if you’ve seen from my Instagram photos.
I have a lot more looks coming up on the blog and I’m hoping I can do a video diary real soon. Have an
awesome day!
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My Heart Stopped As I Wither In The Cold

Dress- Zara
Shoes- UNIF Lost Sole Boots
Back in the cold cold weather of New York and since being back I’ve pretty much been cozying it up in my apartment because I don’t think I’m quite ready to face the cold. There was a pretty terrible snow storm one day since being here so I went out the day after to snap these photos really quick before I froze to death. I never quite realized how many great Zara pieces I own in my closet and have yet to share here on the blog. The two clothing items I’m wearing in this post are possibly one of my favourites. I’m wearing a ribbed body hugging collared dress in dress with a oversized blazer, that has this sort of metallic checkered effect. I kept it pretty simple when accesorizing…with just light silver choker and tiny earrings that got covered with my hair. Since dying my hair to jet black, I’ve literally been unconsciously wearing a lot of either all black or black and white combinations….but lets be honest, you can’t quite go wrong with black and white. 
I read all your comments and appreciate them all so let me know what you think of this look. 
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Possibly one of the coldest days in New York thus far.

Houndstooth Coat- Forever 21
Faux Leather Vest-  Similar
Pants- Uniqlo
Moon Charm Necklace- Hunter Gatherer
Choker- Similar
Channeling a little retro vibe mixed with my grungy side. It was freeeezing on the day I snapped this outfit but I was wearing a lot of layers, even on top on this black and white houndstooth coat. I’m almost in love with any clothing item that has some type of textile detail to it so naturally, when I saw this duo tone textile pattern, I fell in love instantly. I’m not quite a big fan of the 80’s however, I give a massive pass for this coat because not only is its houndstooth retro inspired design strikingly beautiful but, the fact that it’s oversized makes it pure perfection for this Winter. Underneath the coat, I wore  a black sweatshirt with a faux leather biker vest to add a little more depth and oomph to this overall look.   I opted to wear my oxfords and pants mainly because it was honestly way too cold to even consider wearing anything else without the possibility of freezing my ass off.
I’m glad Monday is finally here because I literally couldn’t be more excited for this week to end because I get to see my sisters for Thanksgiving, too bad it’s just as cold as New York there. Thanks for visiting and I have a lot more looks this week and a giveaway coming up very soon.
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Jumper- Similar
Boots- H&M
Concho Hat- Similar
I’ve been literally searching high and low, with the aim of finding the perfect concho hat…and I eventually did but it was way too expensive for me. Originally, I wanted the UNIF concho hat (here) but once I saw that price was like the cost of two of my hats then I just decided to wait until it either went on sale or just give up looking overall. Lucky for me, I somehow got myself onto the Forever 21 page and happen to find a concho hat there, which unfortunately is now sold out. I paired this lovely hat with a oversized cowl neck sweater that was actually given to me by my sister  before I came back from Jamaica in the summer. I’ve been dying for it to be cold enough for me to wear it because it pretty thick but surely keeps you warm. 
I think I’ve posted me wearing pants three times in a row for like the first time ha. Yes, it has gotten so cold in New York that all I can do is wear pants and knitted sweaters. I even wore a coat over the jumper in this post but ended up leaving that one out of the post. 
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