See It Through

A whole lot of monochromatic layers for a super cold day.
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IMG_8092 IMG_8088
 I like to have fun with my outfits and sometimes in the Winter, it’s so easy to blend in with the crowd because this time of the year most people are wearing all black with a down jacket or one of those eskimo coats. Not that I find anything wrong with this but, personally for me I like to see how I can bend that trend and still be able to keep warm.

 Here it looks like I’m wearing two layers but in reality, I have a thousand layers underneath my sweater.The Heattech from Uniqlo has been doing wonders for me and I recommend it to anyone comfortable and warm as possible in the Winter. For a fun monochromatic look, I paired my plaid coat from Zara, with this similar plaid sweater and a black and white scarf for an extra added touch.

 I like to wear pants during the Winter months, so I wore these thick ones from Zara that I have to try and stop myself from wearing everyday….can’t get enough of it.


My usual all grey palette which is always a major go-to for me. 
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Sweater- Forever 21
Beanie- Zara
This post was from a few months back in the Fall, when it wasn’t as cold as it is now….I
was complaining about the weather then but I definitely wish I could go back to that time
because its even colder now.
 Anyways, I just wanted to share this look with you when my friend and I was playing
around with the camera and then decided that this would make a great blog post. I know
I’ve posted a tremendous amount of all grey outfits in the past but its too good for me to
pass up…especially when I want to find something quick and easy to wear.
I consider this look to be a pretty simple, laidback attire mainly because it’s what I’d wear
on a quick run around the city for errands or so. I’m wearing this warm chunky knit
sweater paired with a tailored and almost “work” inspired pants. I threw on my oversized
neoprene jacket and some comfy boots but I could definitely see myself styling this look
with some cute heels and a leather biker jacket.
Let me know what you think!
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Pale Skies

Sweater- Forever 21
Vest- H&M
Shoes- Miista

Just giving a quick post on a look I wore on a snowy day. Strange enough, it was snowing but not very cold so I just wore a chunky sweater and over oversized faux leather vest with some tight skinny pants. Of course I was wearing a scarf but for the purpose of the shoot I decided not to show it because it would cover the delicate beauty of the sweater.
I’m actually surprized that I haven’t worn  this vest sooner this season…but it came out at the right time because its so useful when you want to feel warm and comfy but not uncomfortable with a thousand layers. I like to go very minimal in the jewelry area during the winter months, only because I usually have to wear gloves and necklaces seem unnecessary if there’s a huge scarf covering it. 
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Yesterday’s Strength

Sweater- Zara
Pants- Zara
Shoes- Scully by Jeffrey Campbell 
Jacket- Forever 21
Jewelry- purchased in Jamaica
I use can’t seem to get over my go-to colour palette, black and grey. I’m never usually the person to be caught dead wearing pants often…typically because I prefer wearing dresses and skirts. However, for this Winter, all I want to do is wear pants and call it a day because of how cold it is. I picked up these pair of riding pants from Zara about a day after cam back to New York and I can honestly say that it’s one of my most practical and best buy of the new year thus far. It’s such a great fit and goes well with pretty much anything I pair it with. For this look, I went with a more edgy look, by pairing simple pieces together to create an outfit great for wearing both day and night time. I added a statement necklace in the mix as an unexpected touch and to also give the overall look a little oomph against the light grey of the knit sweater. I always get the best jewelry back home in Jamaica, the necklace I’m wearing I got about a year or two ago when I was extremely obessessed with statement necklaces….I’m happy I finally decided to start wearing a lot of my necklaces again. Anyways, I’m off to a long day of work and classes…have a great day!



Last outfit I shot just before flying out to Jamaica

Ribbed Top- Zara
Maxi Skirt- Minty Jungle
Blue Faux Leather Jacket- Forever 21
Shoes- To Be Announced from Solestruck
During my final days in New York before heading back home for the Christmas vacation, it was surprisingly bearable outside in terms of the weather. So to run some last minute errands, I slipped on this cute maxi skirt with an embroidered sheer panel and paired it with a sleeveless ribbed top. Because I was still a bit cold outside, I wore my thick black opaque stockings and a faux leather jacket in a pop of color to add a bit of brightness to the look since I was basically wearing all black. My hair was super curly and freshly done which is a good change from me always wearing it straight and messy. I’ll be sharing some summer looks that I’ve been wearing in Jamaica very soon.
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Velvet Crush

Red Velvet Dress- Forever 21
Turtleneck Blouse- Zara
Faux Leather Jacket- Vintage
Sorry for the little inconsistency in posting since my arrival in Jamaica, but I’ve literally had zero time with my computer so things got a little complicated. This is a look I shoot a few weeks bad in New York..the day after it snowed. There is something about this red velvet dress that is very vibrant and striking that makes it such a cute dress for the fall/winter. I decided to layer my turtleneck top underneath the dress to add a more layered vibe and also adds a little contrast within this outfit. I love that this look has a very girly vibe to it yet the little touch of faux leather adds something very edgy. 
So far, my trip back home to Jamaica has been really great, I’ve already been having so much fun and it’s only the first week…I don’t miss New York one bit hahaha. You can follow me on instagram @marfarlane to get live updates of what I’m doing while spending time in Jamaica.
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As Long As You Know Who You Belong To

Hardy Sweater- UNIF
Tartan Skirt- Thrift
Shoe- Lost Sole Boots (Dollskill)
Shot this look a few weeks ago when it was fairly cold but warm enough to wear a tartan skirt. I have to say, my favourite part of this look has to be this gorgeous sweater from UNIF…they clearly make the best sweater hands down in my eyes. I love that it has this tattered grungy vibe to it but its pure white colour makes it flawlessly perfect for the winter. I decided to carry out the slightly grunge look by pairing the sweater with one of my favourite tartan skirt that I was lucky enough to score at the thrift store and I opted for my UNIF lost sole black boots to finish off this edgy yet girl look. 
Right now, I’m actually at the airport waiting on my flight to head back home to Jamaica. I’m so excited to be going back to warmth and sunshine. I tried to shoot some cold weather looks before I left New York so I’ll be sure to post those later on this week. Hope you all have a great week.
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The Skyflowers We Call Snowflakes.

Sweatshirt- Similar
Cape- H&M
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Primus Blackbox (Tiltedsole)
It’s been snowing so much these past few days and I can’t wait to go back to the warmth of Jamaica next week. It’s going to be a bit strange because I’ll be switching to posting Summer looks since it’s always so hot and nice there. Anyways, I put together this grey scaled look a few days ago to run some errands…it’s pretty much the aftermath of a mini snow storm. I wore a plain grey sweatshirt with some layers underneath for warmth, then I decided to break out my pleated faux leather skirt that I haven’t had the chance of wearing for all of fall. I absolutely love the pleated details on the skirt…it makes for more interest and adds a bit of texture to the look. In case you’re wondering, I did actually wear another thicker jacket over this look because it was freezing but for the purpose of this post I decided to go with just the cape and the gloves.
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Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Blouse- H&M
Burn-out Velvet Kimono- Forever 21
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane 
Tobacco Brown Vest- Vintage
Pants- Zara
Casual Friday look for an extremely cold day in New York. I think is probably the first time in a very long time I’m sharing a post with me in a scarf…but trust me, there was no way I was going outside without some type of scarf. I also wore a thick coat along with this ensemble. I can’t wait to go back to the warmth of Jamaica in the next two weeks. In this post, I’m wearing a lot of loose fitting pieces that makes this look very laid back and comfy for navigating back and forth to classes. I love days like these when I can slip into something very airy and loose, but still feel very pulled together.  
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Burning Bridges Down…Set Me On Fire

Francis Dress- UNIF (Dolls Kill)
Shoes- To Be Announced (Solestruck)
Yesterday I was in Emerald green, today its all about this knitted dress in a colour rarely seen, tobacco brown. I bought this dress during the black friday sales and I’m not quite sure why I chose this colour over black but, I somehow thought seen it was such a specific and unique colour that I should just take the change with it. Completely satisfied with my decision because I’m so in love with this dress. It’s super cozy and the shredded/destroyed detailing at the hemline, takes it to another level. I wore black shorts underneath since it’s pretty much Winter here in New York. I’m not sure what it is about the day after a snow day because it wasn’t really cold at all…just lots of snow covering everywhere, and clearly the rooftop of my apartment was also covered in snow. For shoes, I wore my current favourite shoe called Gracie by To Be Announced and I remember purchasing a pair of shoes from them earlier this year and ended up returning them like a week after because it was made so poorly, but this time they blew me after this this little number with fringe and gold detailing.
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