See It Through

A whole lot of monochromatic layers for a super cold day.
IMG_81181 IMG_8125 IMG_8127
IMG_8092 IMG_8088
 I like to have fun with my outfits and sometimes in the Winter, it’s so easy to blend in with the crowd because this time of the year most people are wearing all black with a down jacket or one of those eskimo coats. Not that I find anything wrong with this but, personally for me I like to see how I can bend that trend and still be able to keep warm.

 Here it looks like I’m wearing two layers but in reality, I have a thousand layers underneath my sweater.The Heattech from Uniqlo has been doing wonders for me and I recommend it to anyone comfortable and warm as possible in the Winter. For a fun monochromatic look, I paired my plaid coat from Zara, with this similar plaid sweater and a black and white scarf for an extra added touch.

 I like to wear pants during the Winter months, so I wore these thick ones from Zara that I have to try and stop myself from wearing everyday….can’t get enough of it.


My usual all grey palette which is always a major go-to for me. 
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IMG_7264 IMG_7437
Sweater- Forever 21
Beanie- Zara
This post was from a few months back in the Fall, when it wasn’t as cold as it is now….I
was complaining about the weather then but I definitely wish I could go back to that time
because its even colder now.
 Anyways, I just wanted to share this look with you when my friend and I was playing
around with the camera and then decided that this would make a great blog post. I know
I’ve posted a tremendous amount of all grey outfits in the past but its too good for me to
pass up…especially when I want to find something quick and easy to wear.
I consider this look to be a pretty simple, laidback attire mainly because it’s what I’d wear
on a quick run around the city for errands or so. I’m wearing this warm chunky knit
sweater paired with a tailored and almost “work” inspired pants. I threw on my oversized
neoprene jacket and some comfy boots but I could definitely see myself styling this look
with some cute heels and a leather biker jacket.
Let me know what you think!
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Eager Eyes

Casual days. Yes, I’m wearing jeans.
Sweater- H&M
Boots- Zara

I was a bit reluctant to post this look, mainly because it’s so far fetched from my usual style and I was feeling super lazy the day I got dressed. However, I decided to just go ahead and share because I feel like everyone has one of those off days plus sometimes it feels good to dress down a little. 
I believe I shared these mom jeans here on the blog once before during the Summer so, this time around I’m styling it in a more Fall attire with a bit of a bohemian/hipster inspired vibe.  
This look was worn for a full day of classes and I was super comfortable all day, minus my friends pointing out that they’ve never seen me wear jeans before haha. 
It’s starting to get extra cold here in NY, and I’m definitely not happy about that because all I want to do is stay indoors. I’ll be sure to post a lot more looks here on the blog but if you’d like to keep up with my collection developments you can always follow me on Instagram @marfarlane
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Power Trip

Just another day, layering to keep me warm and comfy on cold days.
Shearling Matte Jacket- Similar
Blue Biker Jacket- Similar or (here)
Embroidered Sweater- H&M
Trousers- Zara
It’s funny to think that there are areas of my closet that are actually filled with coloured items which I neglect 95% of the time and then an all black section that is like my baby. However, once in awhile i like to dip into the coloured section and chose one stand out color to vibe with for the day.
If you’ve remembered any of my previous post from last Fall, I was absolutely obsessed with this bright royal blue biker jacket and still can’t quite get over how much I love it.
 I love rich colours that are able to enhance a look completely and this is exactly what I wanted for this look. I wore this ensemble this past weekend and honestly, I just wanted to walk around Brooklyn and get some fresh air. So, I literally just pulled out the quickest thing I could put together without looking crazy and then there was the birth of this look. 
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Loud Pipes

Cant quite stay away from the grey palette.

Fuzzy Sweater- H&M
Sportswear Inspired Coat- Zara

A grey palette always seems to come in handy on days whenever I either have to rush to school or I just want to come up with something that does quite require mixing colors or prints. This look is a primary example of how I dress on days when I need to get dressed quick but still keep warm and cozy. 
My weakest each Fall is wearing very chunky or oversized pieces, mainly because it gives me a sense of comfort which I love. I also went very minimal with my jewelry this time around just so I could enjoy the beauty of the multiple shades of grey.
It’s been so busy these past couple weeks and it’s only going to get worst from here on because the semester is almost over so I had tons of new projects working on but super excited for. If you would like to keep up to speed with “designer” aspect of my life and all the things I’m working on you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane
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Fall Essentials: 2014/2015

1. Mohair Coat- Nasty Gal
2. Oversized Neoprene Jacket- Forever 21
3. Grey Raglan Coat- Zara
4. Grey Ribbed Sweater- Zara
5. Double Zipped Sweater- Forever 21
6. Matte Leather Jacket- Similar
7. Effiel Towel Sweatshirt- Romwe
8. Oversized Leather Vest- H&M
9. Plaid Coat- Zara
10. Distressed Sweater- UNIF
At any giving time, you’ll definitely find me wearing on of these pieces for this fall. Aside from it being unbearably cold here in NY, I actually like dressing up in coats and sweaters…it gives me a sense of warmth and comfort. I just wanted to share this quick post with you on my top 10 items for this fall, some of which you’ve probably already seen me wear here on the blog. 
Hope today is a great start to your week and I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow!
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Inside In The Outside

The weather in NYC is finally cold so a lot of my coats are coming out of hiding.

Ribbed Sweater- Zara
Coat- Zara
Velvet Skirt- Chicwish
Rings- Vintage
Waking up in the mornings and trying to decide what to wear when the weather is changing isn’t quite an easy task for me. However, I usually try not to overthink it and simply just combine pieces that are strong enough to make an interesting statement with the aim of looking effortless (even though it may have taken hours to find something to wear). 
Yes, I’m almost always wearing grey and/or black but, that’s mainly because I sometimes get too lazy to think of color especially when I’ve been working in the studio all night. For this look, I wanted to keep it clean and straightforward with this awesome coat in black,white and grey plaid from Zara. I remember purchasing it last last Fall, I wore it so much and never got tired of it so I may just be wearing it a lot this second time around.
For my base look, I wore a cropped grey sweater with my favourite skater skirt in velvet for a quick and easy Fall attire tied in with a simple touch of jewelry. 
Expect a lot of new looks on the blog, a possible face lift on the site and I’ll be hosting an awesome giveaway very soon! I wish you all a wonderful Monday and thanks for visiting 🙂
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No Church In The Wild

One of those days when wearing full head-to-toe black is all I need to get me through the day.

Sweater- Forever 21
Trousers- Zara
Hat- Zara

For this look, I’m slightly channeling a more grunge, almost “no care” side of me. As you can see, I’m wearing zero make-up hence this look was shot on a day I wanted to be laid-back and comfortable without a care in the world. Sometimes I have days such as these, where it’s totally okay to dress down a little. I’m wearing one of my favourite sweaters from last fall…the cut-outs at the shoulders make for a great interesting look and that patch cut-out of the cross is golden. 
I chose to pair it with a slouchy trousers and flat oxfords, mainly because it made me feel so comfortable and since it was a little windy the addition of the hat was the perfect touch in tying this overall look together. The fall weather is definitely in full swing now in NY, so expect to see a lot more layering and sweater combinations here the blog.
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Forget About Everything & Runway

I totally decided last minute to change my mind and post this look from a shoot I did about a month ago. I was a little hesitant in posting, mainly because there wasn’t much to the overall look and the pictures were shot at a completely spontaneous moment as a slight experimental shoot.

Around 5 hours before class, my friend and I were chilling on the rooftop of my apartment and we thought it would be kind of cool to just fool around with the lighting, angles and just experimenting overall with the camera. Hence, these were the photos that resulted of that. Just me playing around..and the usual indecisiveness when it comes to deciding what to do with my hair especially since it was pretty hot when this look was shot.

I was heading into the city for my afternoon class so, a simple button up white blouse with baggy trousers was my quick go-to instinct. It’s simple and easy for times when it comes to wanting to “dress down”. I went slightly minimalistic when it came on to accessorizing by just where silver accents to compliment to black and white “uniform” attire. I hope you all have a great start to the week and thanks for visiting!

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Weekends spent strolling around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn calls for the perfect blend between a simplistic hipster and a sporty vibe.
Vest- Nasty Gal
Bracelet- Vintage
As I’ve mentioned a few times before here on the blog, my favourite place to hang out on the weekends during my free time is in Williamsburg. Mainly because the vibe there is so chill and there’s always a small interesting new spots to explore. On days like these, I personally like to dress as comfortable as possible…which means, the perfect pair of oxfords and clothing pieces that are slightly loose fitting but gives enough room for comfort while still being clean and polished. 
I chose to wear this vintage inspired lace top that pretty much looked like was specifically dyed to have this very rustic colour to it. However, that’s what I love so much about it plus the addition of the lace gives it such a great detailed touch. I could have thought of so many ways to style this top but, I chose to pair it with an almost plaid abstract looking short and this awesome baby blue vest. I’m so in love with the “biker” quality of this vest, that it has already become a staple piece in my closest for the Fall and could definitely be styled is so many different ways. 
I really wanted to tie in the burgundy color of my oxfords into this look hence, I chose to wear this panama hat that I’ve neglected for so many month. I think it made for a great addition to the look because of the ribbon colours that were wrapped in the silver chain…yea yea I know that seems like a very small detail however, I feel like sometimes its the small details that can certainly help make or break an overall look.
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